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And I see a post by HansWobbe:

This subject is so immensely huge, I am having trouble allocating the necessary time for it.

Some of the dynamics I organize my “working” around include:

  • inspiration v. alienation v. need
  • solitary or group (in “live” work)
  • the perception of time
  • the environment (Hans’ consideration)

Tasks that I would put off to the last minute, and have incredible stresses about, I can easily work on and positively contribute to if I have a partner that I believe in and that believes in me.

Left to myself, I can be relied upon to persue inspiration. But if I am in a task that I feel some alienation from, and am left to it on my own – watch out! “Managing” (setting deadlines and performing check-ups) can work do a degree, but only to a degree: I just have a hard time “sticking” to a task that I feel alienaed from.

(And many more stories to follow…)

Hans notes

How I work is very much a function of the tools that I’ve invested in. Several years ago, I started documenting these for two reasons.

  1. I wanted to ensure I was being as productive as possible by optimizing the time I invested in Wiki:SharpenTheSaw activities versus actually “cutting” wood.
  2. I thought that it would be more efficient to collaborate using common tools.

Now, I find myself participating in many diverse environments, each with its own (frequently unique) methods and procedures. And each with its own diverse community of participants. As a result, it’s difficult to keep track of all of the many interactions and to stay focused on creating content, as opposed to just forever learning Yet Another Set Of Tools.

To manage the interactions effectively and efficiently, I find myself automating a lot of tracking, reminders, queuing, and Context maintenance. For the purposes I use an InterTwingled mix (or mess) of use…

  • DelIciioUs? to bookmark things, pretty much the way lots of folks do. But, then I add a pletora of tags that act as metaData for my other automated procedures. For me, that’s necessary because I’ve accumulated almost 6,000 bookmarks that it’s too time consuming to search manually. Hence I use TiddlyWiki to automatically generate the URLs that will show me exactly the content that I need, in any of the contexts that I frequent.
    • Since posting this, I decided to “Amplify” my use of DelIcioUs, with a “help yourself” invitation. Interestingly, I’m now being asked questions about how I tag my bookmarks.
  • TiddlyWiki (for all of my c-side methods)
  • TiddlySpaces? (for s-side compatibility with the TiddlyWiki markup) e.g. the still mostly private, which I intend to make public as soon as I’ve managed to “shake-down” a few “teething” issues.
  • OddMuse (for the bulk of the “hosted” wikis that are available to various collaborations I participate in.)
  • TheBrain - for its “associative GUI, visually rich RTF support, Outlook dragAndDrop compatibility and extremely scalable architecture.
  • Microsoft Outlook - for compatibility with the “enterprise” contacts I associate with.


I now work using: Redmine for project management, delicious, piratepad and/or google docs for live collaborative editing, wagn wiki (all tools we use in our company). I also work with P2PFoundation using Mediawiki, delicious, and GNUMailman, and CiviCRM?. I’ve started to explore Eclipse, and used to use Emacs a lot for programming. I am also working on automating documents and files on my Ubuntu computer using tracker-tag system. Also experimenting with archiving stuff to CouchDB?. Using skype almost daily now, along with IRC, and of course Email (will be moving from Gmail to my own mailserver this year)


I work about half of the time with a team of partners, and about half of time on my own. Often, I am working out home. On occasion I travel the eastern half of US (particularly in projects related to LocalFoodSystems?)


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