[de]Wie man Seiten archiviert
[en]How to archive pages
[fr]Comment archiver des pages

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[en]When a page gets too long it has to (partly) be archived. Links on archives are put below the document-mode part of the page and before the discussion.
[fr] Quand une page devient trop importante, il convient de (partiellement) l'archiver. Les liens vers l'archive sont placés en bas du mode-document

[en]You create a page with the the original pages name + n. For example "page1" is the first and oldest archive of "page". When "page" gets too long again the archive "page2" is created and linked to. And so further. "Page" is likely too be always the most recent one in thread-mode.
[fr] Vous créez une page avec le nom original de la page +n. Par exemple, page1" est la première et plus ancienne archive de la page "page". Quand la page "page" devient trop long à son tour, une deuxième archive "page2" est créée et liée avec la première. Et ainsi de suite. La page "page" est considérée comme la page la plus récente en thread-mode.


Useful way of hanling pages, moreover when you sometime use a mobile handset like me (a Sony Ericsson P900) that likes light pages. To allow your interesting concept to take off, we could agree on a syntax like : (CamelCaseName?+ArchiveYearMonth?). For example it would give : HowToArchivePagesArchiveTwoThousandFourAugust (unfortunately, doesn't work with syntax like HowToArchivePagesArchive?2004-08.What do you think of it ?

On my homepage here are two archives already. MattisManzel archive 2 (040421) Putting double square brackets around it, you can turn whatsowever a link here. The syntax on that one was:

camel-case-title + _ + n + _ + (yymmdd).

(yymmdd) is cool as is lists pages in a chronological sequence.

But all the _ stuff isn't necessary actualy, you can do that by using editable titles/clean linking which I didn't know yet in April. So better is:


You read
Mattis Manzel, archive no. 2 (beginning on 21-04-04)

the camel-case-title is:

the syntax of it is:
[[ camel-case-title + n + - + yymmdd ]]

Define external redirect: ArchiveYearMonth MattisManzel2-040421 Mattis Manzel, archive no. 2 (beginning on 21-04-04) HowToArchivePagesArchive CamelCaseName

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