Technology that radically extends the social dimension of life.

Wiki & blogs are only the beginning.

See ProjectSpaceNetwork and DevelopersVirtualWorld to have an idea of what it could be like to use it. Combine with AugmentedReality visions, and the like.

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Nova Spivack points out 2 ways that the internet can be and has been improved:

  • improved social connectivity – better ways of communicating between 2 people, and better ways of finding and organizing groups of people.
  • improved information connectivity – better ways of organizing and finding relevant information.

Improving both (perhaps by focusing on one, then focusing on the other) leads to the MetaWeb?, and eventually the GlobalBrain.

http://novaspivack.typepad.com/nova_spivacks_weblog/metaweb_graph.GIF from Nova Spivack http://www.mindingtheplanet.net/

(Is there a way I can make this graph smaller?)


See also HiveMind, OrganizedCulture.


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