We've spent a lot of time discussing … not exactly rules; but more like community suggestions and tips.

If I were going to start a brand new wiki, what sorts of things would make good starter text on "community values" for a new wiki ?

I'm particularly interested in things that need to be made consistent – "If you say X, you should also mention Y", and "If you say Z, it would be contradictory to say Y".

For a specific example:

If you want to start a ScratchWiki, it might be good to say:

If you want to start a ManagedWiki, it might be good to say:

Of course, it would be contradictory to say both on the same wiki.

However, it is not contradictory to say one statement is good for one wiki, and the other statement is good for a different wiki.

What other sorts of introductory text would help a new wiki ?

(moved from MeatBall:MemberWiki to BayleShanks and now InstantCommunityValues):

:::I like that idea, MarkDilley. I have a recurring idea along these lines (it seems almost too mechanistic to work, but I think it may be worth a try). I was impressed with SunirShah's definition of MeatballWiki's 'values' on the page MeatballMission. Perhaps it would be useful to categorize/classify communal expectations and values (just as we have been doing all along), and then, for each of these mores and values, to try and create clear introductory text to communicate it to newcomers. We would make the resulting text PrimarilyPublicDomain so that other online communities could reuse it.

:::For example, a community expectation that some wikis might have is 'Don't write ShallowPages'. We would develop a blurb suitable to be placed somewhere in the site's intro pages that talk about this expectation. We would develop a definition of ShallowPage. And we would develop cookie-cutter responses to be used in common kinds of situations (two examples: something to put on a ShallowPage created by a newcomer; something to be placed on the home page of a newcomer who has just written a ton of ShallowPages, such as Martin's recent comment on Paul's page).

:::In the end, we would have a sort of "Instant community values! Just add water!" kit for use by ourselves but also by other communities. It would be sort of mix-and-match, much like the mix-and-match features on CreativeCommons licenses. There would be a selection of community values and more specific community expectations for them to choose from, and a selection of clear, simple things to say to newcomers to tell them about the community expectations.

:::The advantage in creating such a kit are the usual ones for ConsolidateInformation. First, it would ConsolidateEffort; instead of thinking of how to explain ShallowPages anew to each newcomer, there are prefab responses to common actions (of course, users would be expected to modify the prefabed responses to fit the situation at hand, if they use them at all). Second, the explanatory text is "debugged" and refined a lot, and will probably eventually be more clear than the responses that we usually think of off the top of our heads.

:::– BayleShanks

I replied to this on MeatballWiki. – SunirShah

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It made me smile to read this on the front page of :

A single sentence. But it contains the ideas of BeBold, ScratchWiki, and much of what I think is beautiful about wiki.

I find it interesting that we've moved on from discussing what sorts of things ("values" ?) this wiki should support, to discussing possible self-consistent things other wiki could support.


Just the page title "WeLoveVolunteers?" (which I first saw at ) makes me smile. Perhaps this is another good thing for ScratchWiki.

It might be interesting to check out "RFC 1855: Netiquette Guidelines"

and note which ones specifically do not apply to any wiki, as well as ones that only apply to some wiki.


Is there a page on "So you want to start a new wiki. Here's some tips." ?

What's up with ? If you've been thinking about starting a new wiki, this looks like something you should jump on.

possibly related: Wiki:RunningYourOwnWikiFaq BeBold CommunityType DegreesOfEditorialControl Wiki:JoinWardsWiki Wiki:GoodStyleSuggestions Wiki:CommunityExpectations Wiki:CommunityLifeCycle Wiki:WikiEditingCustoms Wiki:RefactoringWikiPages Wiki:EncouragingWikiRefactoring MeatBall:StyleGuide TooFewWiki WikiStartup ScratchWikiFirst BigBucketsFirst Wiki:AreNewUserPagesEnough .

In particular, is a case study in 2 wiki that use the same software, but have significantly different policies.

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