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C’è uno spirito di apertura, freschezza, amore, <3 e divertimento che si accompagna ad ogni azione volta a integrare nella nostra vita idee e iniziative ispirate dall’immaginazione.

C’è inoltre la sensazione che molte delle realtà e delle verità più profonde siano comunicabili solo grazie all’immaginazione.

Le idee fantasiose somigliano alla semente: semplice nell’aspetto, radicalmente complessa al suo interno e nella sua capacità di dar forma a qualcosa di profondamente bello.

Domande iniziali

Tra le domande che mi pongo ci sono queste:

Traduzione in corso

Skepticism as Path to Imagination

I have never seen what to me seemed an atom of proof that there is a future life… …And yet—I am strongly inclined to expect one.Mark Twain

Who wants to, intentionally, think crazy thoughts? On purpose? With an abstract aim in mind, for some sort of strange and bizarre “health” that we imagine comes through the process?

The only way I can see to do so, is skepticism. Skepticism that the world as I perceive it, is actually the way that it is.

This is not as outlandish as it may seem. KnowledgeIsBasedInTrust. WhatKnowledgeDeservesTrust? It’s not actually clear.

Like Mark Twain, personally, I believe that the world is a dream.

You perceive, now, that these things are all impossible except in a dream. You perceive that they are pure and puerile insanities, the silly creations of an imagination that is not conscious of its freaks - in a word, that they are a dream, and you the maker of it. – Satan/No. 44, in the Mysterious Stranger.

But the understanding that the world is a dream sheds little light on imaginitive practice: The dream world operates as mechanically as ever.

An Exercise in Imagination

Try this. Seriously: Try this.

Turn off the computer screen, close the laptop. Sit at a table, pull out a piece of paper, and a pen.

Write down one thing. One thing, imaginative, weird, irrational, strange. Now treat it as if it were authentically real.

Can you do it?

Can you really?

For myself, I speak: It is hard. It is very difficult. My mind resists it, incredibly so.

I feel like a voyager, a sojourner, a tourist, in other people’s imaginitive plays. I can enjoy fiction, I can read stories, I can play plays.

But can I believe them?

It’s intensely difficult.

And I think that’s bad. I think that’s bad for GeekHeatlh?. I think that’s bad for us. I believe it’s dangerous, somehow.

To live without the joy of living imagination– That can’t be healthy.

Michael Ende said it right, in MoMo?, and in the Never Ending Story: The imagination is like the never ending fountain, protected by Ouroboros.

(Not the movie, the book. In the book, there’s this fountain, and, … Oh, you’ll just have to read it! Good news for Alex and Mattis: They’re both written in German. :) )

Cut yourself off from that fountain, and you’re dead out of the water.


The only way I know to authentically touch the imagination, is to record my dreams.

When I record my dreams, sometimes, but definitely all, or even most of the time, but sometimes, I wake up feeling…


Sometimes, I wake up, from a dream that is, for whatever reasons, makes me feel alive, connected, and deeply in touch with life. I feel healthy, I feel enthusiastic, I feel energized. I don’t feel in a rush, I feel like I can take things as they come. When I look at people, I feel deep connection with them. And, strangely, it seems that they notice, smile kindly; Everything seems so magical.

I swear to God, chrome shines brighter, and glasses glint.

The dream world can compound on itself. Future dreams can build on prior dreams, and detail the map in a continuity.


There is another way, perhaps; Some pictures and diagrams seem to touch the heart, and reach into basic circuitry, and even, in many cases, seem to be able to awaken the imagination.

I have many times, in idle thought, looked at a book cover, and wondered what lie over the hill.

I have had vivid experiences, dozing off, and wandering into locations that seem to somehow be between thoughts, almost always visual, and aural.

When I see technical diagrams, I can sometimes, (though very rarely,) find myself immersed in Tron. Imaginations of electronic worlds are strong and beautiful.

The Gift of Imagination

Sometimes, I think: “Lion, you can’t force these things. These are just gifts from life.”

That is a comforting, imaginary voice, that’s speaking there: it hails from the Southern end of the FiveWorldsMandala.

And yet, as true as that is, I think that we can do more. I think there’s something we can do, for GeekHealth, such that we can live more holistically, more completely with our lives, the lives of others, the life of our Earth, the lives of the machine children who are gestating in the womb, and the life of our future.

Imagination: An Organ of Perception?

One person recently suggested to me: “Perhaps the imagination is an organ of perception.”

At first, this sounds rediculous: We’re just making stuff up.

But does that make it, truely, rediculous? Is it still no less an observation?

If you just make something up, you are experiencing a strangeness in your mind. That is, you are perceiving an irrationality within your mind.

Whether you’re perceiving an irrationality in the world, or an irrationality in your mind, why would it be no less a perception?

And lest there be no doubts: Though we have no reason to believe that the laws governing our world are anything but deterministic, the existence of the laws, themselves, is entirely irrational. Further still, it is irrational that there would be only one law. The apparent asymmetry of the universe, too, is irrational.


One of my friends, who is almost done with his PhD? in Physics, told me: “The interpretation of the creation story is not the job of biologists, geologists, and astronomers.”

What he means by that, is that their role is discovery. There job is to find out what happened.

But the interpretation of what that means, is not something that is really, intrinsicly, authoritatively their domain.

Interpretation is where we say: “This is what this means to us.”

Evolution does not mean, in any way, that there is no God, that there is no Spirit, that life is meaningless, or anything like that. Even those kinds of conclusions, they cannot even be infered from the facts of Evolution, or the Big Bang, or anything like that.

In fact, those things can be interpreted mythically, and there is no real rational, logical reason, to prefer one to the other.


We cannot engage in this debate without admitting that… …no people have ever been able to live forever, only with their rational faculties, without any spiritual nourishment and non-logical belief systems.President Clinton, Gordon Track, 2001-11-19

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