“The InterReality project is a collection of Open Source, Free Software projects based on the VirtualObjectSystem? (VOS) platform. The primary goal of the Interreality project is to develop a free and open platform for multiuser 3D virtual reality and interactive, collaborative 3D virtual spaces, and collaborative data systems in general. As part of this effort we have developed the VirtualObjectSystem?, a powerful networking platform with many applications in and beyond virtual reality.”

VOS and Interreality are related to Community Wiki in that we have a philosophy of openness (OpenSource, open protocols) and have designed the system around the concept of interlinking between data in different ways (including TransClusion). 3D virtual environments is the main goal, but a side goal is to also use it for hypertext and websites. It’s also possible to distribute data over many sites, and the virtual world/website/whatever is not centrally owned and operated (unlike SecondLife or most web sites), it’s meant to evolve as people link their own privately owned spaces to each other. (So it could be used for a DistributedWiki)

We would like for the InterReality project to operate as a company (we need some “mini"finance!) using an OpenSourceBusinessModel to support the technology and offer both free and nonfree services on top of it, including hosting, a central [Commons] or gathering space, and more.

Since people here are familiar with [DARCS], in a sense, VOS might be comparable/a competitor to [DARCS]

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This VOS system is so big and complex, I’d really need to talk with someone over the phone to wrap my head around it, and where it’s going, and so on..!

Perhaps an OrientationCall? :)

Glad you’re interested!!

Lion, where are you located in the world?

On my TODO List is to make a little animated video that explains things more.

Send me an email if you want to talk on the phone or we can talk on IRC (#vos on is the channel) or on IM. My contact info is on my webpage, I’ll add it to my page here too.


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