The original Wiki:InterWiki concept tries to network wikis: Interlink them such that visitors can move from one wiki to the next as easily as possible.

The goal of InterWiki technology is to make it as easy as possible to move from one wiki to another. We want seamless integration.

The following technological features are currently in use to support this:


Related implementations:

Theoretical stuff:

InterWiki Wiki

There’s a dedicated wiki for InterWiki issues, including a mailing list.

We’re following the MailingListThenWiki community forming pattern; if you are generally interested in InterWiki, please consider joining the mailing list. You can participate on the wiki too, but edits are few and far between.

We’re also following the SplitWiki community forming pattern, using InterWiki technology.

In the great spam attack, I sunk all the wikis, and upgraded half of them to the new MoinMoin. I got bored of it, and stopped.

Maybe we can migrate it to OddWiki? If you agree, I can take a look at it on

kick up this old dusty conversation, anything here?

What about InterWiki / CamelCase for the technical part and OneBigSoup ‘n WikiNet / readable and beautiful language for the rest?


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