Everything that rises must converge.” – PierreTeilhardDeChardin

SocialSoftware is making it easier and easier to find other people who are interested in what we are interested in.

Not only that, but we’re at the point where you just say something online, and other people who are interested in the same thing will find it, and then they will find you. (See ContentAndCommunity.)

I met piranha because he had the idea of a “personal log server,” and typed in the phrase “personal log server” into google, and found my… well, personal log server development. A concept that I had just “made up,” a couple months before. Our collective imaginations run similarly enough that they converge along key words and we meet. Physical distance is pretty much irrelevant.

Piranha has a SocialNetwork. His friends will learn about the personal log server, and then if they hear of someone fishing for a similar idea, they will connect with our work. Thus, it naturally grows.

The interests in the world are becoming like Black Holes of attention.

Technologies like wiki capture not only our words, but how we came to understand. Not only do they capture how we came to understand, but they are malleable. If a phrasing is poor, it can and will be adjusted to an easier path (See the diagram in Wiki_Science:Semantic_prosthetic.)

People who are interested in the same thing teach each other what they know. They build an educational path- all the way from zero knowledge, up to the crest of manifestation. People make it easier, at each level, for the people behind them.

Whole technologies will appear and disappear, replaced by more elegant solutions. Consider: To learn to program, you don’t have to learn COBOL any more. You just leap straight to Python, a far more elegant and powerful language. In the future, even this will be superceded by still more elegant solutions. (We still don’t have a HyperCard replacement, however… But I’m sure it’ll reappear.)

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One of the things that would greatly help InternetConcentration would be, say, automatic indexing of FreeNode?.

Not just FreeNode?, but IRC servers across the board. You could say, “Where are people talking about X?”

…and then go and find the people talking about it, right at that very moment.

Since human-human interaction has a “stickyness” to it, (like how PairProgramming? works,) this will, I believe, further develop the InternetConcentration.

Check out Alf Eaton’s Thinkbot idea.

Thinkbot looks cool. Thank you for mentioning it.

The only remaining annoyance is that computers are so particular about spelling. I ask “Where are people talking about improving map accuracy?” and (even if I spell “accuracy” correctly), because I didn’t use the magic keywords, computers aren’t smart enough to tell me about “pixelizing the celestial sphere” or “Poppy Seed Bagel Math”. (Not to mention all the people using French or German or Russian or English to talk about maps). (This is the “tower of Babel effect” mentioned on PlainTalk).

Fortunately, wiki technology helps people discover related information, even when those people don’t yet know the specialized jargon. (There’s a nice description of how that works at OnAndOffTopic).

I’d like to add something like InformationConcentration?, or something like that.

InternetConcentration, as written, refers to people. But it also concentrates information. ConsolidateInformation focuses on elimination of redundancy, but it misses contextualization: that is, seeing an idea in a theory/model with the other related ideas. By contextualization, you discover systems that you missed before, because you were viewing them one piece at a time at disparate times, rather than together as a whole. IntelligeneIsInfoTimePlace?.

I think ConsolidateInformation may also tie in to NotebookTheory? or IntelligenceTheory?, which I may be revisiting soon.

It’s more than just Internet concentration; Concentration happens in the world period. “To he that has, it is given plenty. He that has little, it is taken away.” Parable of the talents. HowardBloom? loves to write about this. And it is the basis behind the PowerLaw.

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