“1st” Internet decade: 1990-2000.

Internet communication is extremely limited; Spiritual work offline, like at the Federation of Damanhur, may grant clearer insight into Internet future. Pen and paper still beats mouse or tablet.

Fundamental search into time and communication, (at the core of cybernetics,) is needed.

Wikipedia collects memory, but creativity thrives beyond memory. Open Source collects labors, but at tragic time costs. Transcendence and liveliness live only in the people and the moment, and the people form societies.

We have to look past the achievements of the Internet, to see the possible divine.

Collecting leafs is valuable, but starting works from the present with others even more so; “Plans are useless, planning essential.”

Human spirituality, glory, potency, daring. The future is individuals, teams, communities, societies.

After reading Rene Girard I think more and more that the barriere in the development of any community, including online ones, is how it can cope with the ‘mimetic crisis’ (which is mostly about the envy between community members of each other possesions and positions). And here I agree that if we don’t want to repeat the ‘scape goat’ mechanism in online communities then some kind of transcendence and spritual development is needed.