Internet Office Hours

FaceToFace? collaboration has possibilities for greater intimacy and much faster collaboration than textual exchanges over the Internet. Exchanges that could take weeks in textual exchanges over the Internet, can occur in just minutes, in real-time.

The problem often comes down to synchronization, which often comes down to scheduling. (See: OfficeHoursSync.)

The premise I hold here is that if we create a culture in which individuals and online communities establish “Internet Office Hours,” broadly posted times at which a community and members of the general public are invited to communicate face-to-face, then it may solve at least half of the synchronization problem.

This would mean individuals and communities posting on their sites the times at which they meet in person, and making it easy to discover this and to participate in face-to-face interactions.

WardCunningham hosts some SmallFederatedWiki related meetings on Zoom which he announces on twitter.


Dec 2020

Jan 2021

Lion and Timur develop a “WikiMeet.”


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