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How to use IRC

Stay Logged In. :)

Newcommers to IRC believe it’s a place for live interaction. They pop in, find nothing going on, and then leave.

It’s true: we do use it for live interaction. But- we also use IRC sort of like a MailingList: You say something, and wait a half a day for the reply to come in.

This leads to the next point:

Scan the logs.

As a consequence of it being like a mailing list, it is useful to scan the logs.

Reply to messages that are 17 hours old, if the speaker is still logged in.

…which naturally leads to the next point:

Use people’s names.

The first message you send to someone in a while, use their username. If the person you are talking with’s nick is “AlexSchroeder,” then say:

 AlexSchroeder, I have this neat idea!

This is not for etiquette, this is for technology:

When you use a person’s name, their software will notify them that someone addressed them by name. So, saying a person’s name has specicial significance in IRC. The first message to someone who hasn’t spoken in a while should be prefaced with their name.

In most software, it either makes the name of the IRC channel bold, or it might ring a bell, or it might change the icon for IRC in the taskbar, or whatever. It does something. Your software probably does it for you, and you don’t even know about it. So, be on the lookout.

Be a Catalyst

Rob Levin a.k.a. lilo - founder of the FreenodeIRC network wrote a very nice article - Catalysts - about how users who perform this role ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the network.

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