How to build a good community on an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel?

    <det> Khmar: #python used to be very friendly, it seems to
        be suffering the same fate as #debian
    <kensanata> what would that be?
    <kensanata> too many people?
    <kensanata> unfriendly oldbies?
    <det> all of the above!

An IRC channel usually has the following properties:

  1. There are operators with the power to kick and ban people from the channel.
  2. Users are identified via a nick. A real name may be provided but often is not.
  3. The channel has a topic that can be changed by users.
  4. People have programmed bots that can join channels and react to various commands.

There are many other properties such as having voice, a known host or IP per user, various servers, nick registration, etc. These properties are not really relevant to building a good community. If you disagree, remove them from this paragraph and add a pattern below. :)