There are several roles involved in making an invention come to use.


Roles that enthusiasts can perform, without much training: advertising, convincing, initial use, testing, supporting.

Also, many of these roles require expertise, but not in-depth technical knowledge about the project. These can conceivably be had on a consulting basis: platform expertise, interaction expertise.

The roles that require persistence, include: coordination, programming, documentation, and art. If you’re going to have these things, you really need someone who’s going to really carry it forward by themselves.


These are, off the top of my head, some of the major roles involved in making a project actually work out.

You could do it all by yourself, or spread it out, or whatever.

My thought is that some of these things can be traded, over some sort of InternetExchange.

And yet, I see very little trading of this sort going on.

Many projects want for initial users; Why then, isn’t there a network of people saying, “I’ll try your thing, if you’ll try mine? I’ll test your thing, if you’ll test mine?”

Many of these are similar to roles that one would find in a ProcessNetwork?. The only thing that I might add is that it could be useful to have some kind of PeerReview TrustMetric system, that will allow users to build up a reputation as to their capability to fill the role in question. This can be potentially important if time is critical in a project or process.

However, this is no always the case of course. There could also potentially be times and situations where a complete novice could take on a task and learn while they go, for instance. This type of assessment should probably be done by the project initiators and coordinators. But then again, people might very well just dive in and do whatever they have their sites set on, and that could very well work, depending on the application. I like the idea of tying this to the InternetExchange.


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