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Jam was a man. He sometimes wrote here in confusing ways, because he had unstable Wikipedia:Ways_Of_Seeing the world – an open mind :) – He never meant to cause offence, but was sometimes too frantic in his actions.

JamBaltine was radical for the sake of it, without being aware of it, and this was demonstrated when he said “I find that people tend to behave to match the expectations of them. I like to defy expectations in beautiful ways.” … and “I try to live my life as a statement”. In fact Jam had an Wikipedia:Openness_to_experience, which meant he often (not always) served his own psychological need for novelty and distinctiveness, and that sometimes made him a difficult git.

Constrained writing

Jam liked the idea of constrained writing, so practiced it in this Jam session, setting himself two rules:

"JamBaltine" Rest In Peace

JamBaltine raised a discussion of real names, which concluded like this:

“We are challenged to overcome, to transcend, to reform, to improve – not to deny and hide.” – Alex

Of course Alex was right, but JamBaltine did not mean to deny, only to hide. When he realised his social obligation meant only (at the most) that he should hide things that are superficial and serve to prejudice the situation, he stopped hiding his gender. Later he realised that his true identity was never superficial, and that he should be identifiable and separable from TheCollective in a sense.

When JamBaltine realised the value of RealNames, and of RealPhoto, he killed himself to become himself.

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