I’ve got several irons in the online community fire. It can be hard to keep them all hot at the same time. But, since each does a different job, they resist being consolidated into my own little personal Swiss Army Online Community

Wow, none of those links are good anymore. The work link is doubly bogus, since I’m moving on to something else, and since the hosting situation there changed. Cafe Utne became the New Cafe, with a concomittant change of URL. The various sites could once again be good, but I’ve just moved all my hosting and am using the opportunity to pare things down. So, for now, I’ve got this very old-school page

I long since shortened that up to be reachable also through

and added encryption using a Let's Encrypt certificate.

Content there still needs updating.

Hey! Good to see you here. 😊 – LionKimbro




The same page elsewhere: