Main geek focus these days is Wagn. And RecentChangesCamp.

It’s not a front-and-center project for me, but occasionally i look in on WikiEnginesWithSisterSites and SisterSitesImplementationGuide for now.

Portrait How many home pages, must a man create,

Before he is known on the web?

I’m heeere…

WikiSym was fantabulous, long report forthcoming. (or not)

I can’t believe i didn’t talk more about ExtremeTaoOfDemocracy?.

Thanks! Okay, how do i do the nifty picture thing?

Hi John. the answer my friend is blowing (away) on irc… Follow how to insert your foto here.

I prefer the intro on DenotingAuthor. ;)

And where do I get you and Brandon and Ted on irc?

John, it’s awesomeness seeing you here. :)

What was the name of that thing we were talking about? Was it “Inter-group Communication?”

I invite your comments on: FracturedDemocracyBuilding, InterCommunityCooperation.

John helped me get mIRC set up while I was at WikiSym. I’m not on IRC during the day, however. Where should I hang out? So far I know about #Wiki.

Thanks, Lion. You may be thinking of Tavistock aka HumanRelations?. I’ll check out those pages.

I’ve been hanging out on #wiki (on

Hop by freenode #onebigsoup and freenode #ting.

Thanks for mentioning “Punished by Rewards”. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve added it to the page IntrinsicVsExtrinsicRewards.

Hello, hello! Good to see you again. :)

Hey JohnAbbe! It is great to see you here! Looking forward to digging into what is new with Wagn…

Hi. good to see you again! Thanks for the pointer to Wagn.


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