A bit about John: started first wiki sandbox at Wiki:WikiWikiSandbox and conceived and promoted the wiki tourbus tour of wikis at MeatBall wiki that was implimented there and elsewhere in the world of wikis by HelmutLeitner see TourBusDiscussion. | my first wiki page: Wiki:JohnDeBruyn | my first wiki | my current wiki | web site


Bonjour et bienvenue John ;-)

Hi John. There is the German Jura-wiki, law science, might be interesting for you. I'm making wiki-nodes a lot and link to the tour-bus where I remember to do so. The two wiki-linking systems go together very well, I think.

Welcome to Community Wiki John! Great to see you here. I am interested in hearing about Moodle and your work with Skype. Best, MarkDilley


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