Portrait I discovered wikis a few years ago and since them have used OddMuse as a base for different web sites I have done, specially a wiki for my instrumental band El Circulo de Willis (the others are not really wikis, as the only editing allowed is with Comment Pages) where people that like our music can add ideas or stories for songs and modify the stories we've done for our songs… Problem is most visitors seem to be afraid of changing the pages!!

The other projects of mine on the net are:


Welcome Jorge, you are the trumpet player I figured out. The stage on Galapajazz looks way cool. I've been a bass-player in bands for many years myself till I somehow got into (lonesome) writing. A wiki is like a band, I know wiki since two years now. There are similar functionalities on it just as the musicians have in a band and I guess I'm still a bass-player somehow. I'm eager to hear you blow your horn here.

Thanks! Yeah, I play trumpet :) I guess there are similarities between how a band works and how a wiki works, but the scale is quite different… I think in our case, the way we make songs together can be seen as a small wiki, because we each offer something to the whole as new ideas flow… and also the way some songs never seem to be "finished" (anyone can offer a change weeks or months after the song was made) so yeah, it's quite similar :)

In a way, what I wanted to accomplish by adding a wiki to our web site was to extend this dynamic to the people that listen and go to our concerts, but it's so difficult to get people to participate… In Spain there's not much internet culure (yet), and people mostly use the net to chat (IM) and p2p… At least we got the attention of a couple of people that wrote some cool stories, even some collaborative stories which were a lot of fun…

BTW: at one point, before I knew of OddMuse, we had another WikiEngine and there was an english and a spanish section, with all the stories from the songs translated to english, but when I made the switch I thought I'd add them later, and so far I haven't done it… but we do have the old html pages in english around, the link is:

Welcome, Jorge!

I've visited to Salamanca, before- I studied for a month in the summer. I had a great time. :)

Your games look rocking! I love those kinds of games. I contributed a little to a game called BumpRace by Karl Bartel.


Thanks… I haven't been to Salamanca, but have been told that it's quite nice…

I've just tried BumpRace and it's nice… It seems to shine with two players. I loved those two player space games with realistic physics :)

It's funny because although I've followed this wiki for a short while, I finally decided to create the HomePage 'cause I was going to contribute to the WhoIsWatchingUs discussion, but so far I haven't made my mind up about it… but it's very interesting….

Welcome !

I'm working on a game called DreamStones (still in development, not actually fun to play yet), but unfortunately I couldn't play music to save my life :-P

Hey, it looks good, and it's a very interesting idea… I wonder if i'll be able to run it on X11 on Mac OS X…. but it's too late to try it now…



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