Just another neuron in the Big World Brain Thing...

No use for a name.

Dear neuron. You reflect things here, do you? You read and it makes you answer. I like that. We might all together work as a HiveMind or whater ever this thing is going to be called like. But we do it as human individuals, openly and with respect for each other. We do it withh names here. See them. Count them, if you feel like. There is WikiFolks too if you need it more straight. Whatever. Making a page "no mame" is unusual, know? It creates more "confusion", necessity for reorientation than a new namepage. Welcome to CW btw. Names are essential here. We are a community of named and respected individuals here. Choose something please. We can not trust you without a name and thus not talk to you. We are not that mature ;) yet. Choose 007 if you feel like, but something. Far far better is your RealName.

Btw - WorldBrain? is not too bad an alternative for HiveMind, isnt it?

What about TeamBrain??

I have to wonder why it is that openness and respect cannot come anonymously. It seems natural to me to treat eveyone equally with or without knowing their RealName.

If I call myself Harvey Uppandishad, would that make a difference? Would you treat me with more respect than if I called myself Da-Re4l-D3aL?

If so, what's the difference? The words I type are the same, my ideas unchanged. The only thing that has been altered is your pre-conceived notions of my person.

In essense, this is prejudice, and I challenge it.

Concerning the HiveMindName, I still think simply giving it a meaningless name is preferrable. It would be culture-neutral and free of presuppositions.

Of course, I can see why a page named JustSomeGuy might be pointless. If deletion of this page is desired I have no qualms with that at all. In fact, I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I created it.

Unless anyone has any objections, I'll cut this page off.

As far as prejudices are concerned, my friend Harvey, on Meatball you probably might be deleted already, here somebody talks to you, in fact I do. Thanks for your reply.

TeamGeist? is propperly German. It is used to describe the synergic abilities of small groups like Footballteams or teams in a commercial agenciy or something. It's mostly a sports term, to my feeling. Applying it to a band or an orchestra would work, yes, but sound strange. Applying it to the big ting makes it being redefined somehow. That one could work, actually.

Bäääh JustOneGuy?! You are impolite to me. I'm interested in you. It's not normal (as there are no norms) it's natural (as there is nature) that I want to know, who you are. Who are you?

A meaningless name for HiveMind makes as much sense as JustOneGuy?. It makes no sense and is is not worth anything, it is impossible to care about it. What's your opinion?

my opinion, Mattis, is that you should use preview before posting, instead of committing several changes in a row without carefully looking at the existing text. that way you'd avoid clobbering other people's contributions, eh?

JustSomeGuy: openness and respect cannot come anonymously, because there is no way to attach the reputation you might build to a handle that symbolizes your person online. one instance of speech signifies very little, it's pattern over time that makes me respect people. that said, i personally don't care whether people use their legal (or whatever else is meant by "real") names here, i just care whether they're accountable for themselves, and i can keep better track of names than of anon contribs/IP matches (and IPs can easily change). i also think that InternetBonding is more important than whether you use your legal name online. if, however, you want to be known by JustSomeGuy here, that's fine by me; i already know SomeOtherGuy from elsewhere, *grin* (no, i am not kidding). the community as a whole is more aligned with Mattis, however, and you'll probably have to work a bit harder to overcome that hurdle. it's not impossible, however. not even particularly difficult.

just one small bit of advice -- you won't get there by arguing endlessly about your choice of handle. contribute usefully, and you'll be there pretty quickly. it's nonsense that "we can not trust you without a name and thus not talk to you" (man, i hate the royal we). it's easier, yes, and you might as well be aware of that. but your actions will in the end speak much louder than your name, in my experience.

The royal we came up taking care of, talking to and facing an armoured stranger outsides the castle, Sire. I appologize and will in the further try to evite it. honisoitquimalypense.

Mattis, I wasn't being impolite to you. Or, at least, that wasn't my intention. I was speaking to the UseRealNames mentality in general. As I said, I treat everyone equally, or I try to. I wasn't saying you were prejudice. If it sounded that way, I apologize.

Concerning the HiveMindName, JustSomeGuy is descriptive and has a meaning tied to it. "Amy" does not. For example, what does "Mattis" mean? It is just a name, no? It is a nice name, by the way. If we name our children "meaningless" yet beautiful names, why not name the ThingThatIsToBe?? a similarly beautiful but meaningless name?

piranha, I agree completely. It will be my cumulative actions that will earn a reputation at this point. However, I forsee a time where anonymous identity can receive reputation as well. I see a HiveMind wherein individual posts/ideas are ranked, ala slashdot. Unlike slashdot, however, these anonymous postings DO tie in with a single online identity via encrypted hash.

I could theoretically post as 20 different people in 50 different wikis/forums/debates/IRC/IM and have each post ranked individually, but cumulatively, my reputation goes up (or down, depending on my post!).

P.S. Again concerning the HiveMindName, consider this request for the name "Amy" to be a single neuron firing a single thought into this neuron sub-group (the only sub-group even thinking of names) of this global brain. Basically, this is the HiveMind naming itself. And this neuron says nuts to HiveMind or GroupBrain?? or CollectiveConsciousness??, and wants something nice.... like "Amy". This neuron would love to hear other suggestions too... Amayah? Dirrigh? Mothe? Something nice. This neuron is tired of boring names :)

P.P.S. By the by, thank you both for your welcomes! :)

P.P.P.S. I see this wiki has no locking mechanism ;)

i am not opposed to giving something a beautiful sound-label that has no inherent meaning, *little nod*. just that meaning makes it a bit easier to get something across to other people (though i think it can also make it more difficult, if said label comes with preconceptions (such as HiveMind does, for some of us)). western names do have meaning, though people are not always aware of it, and don't ascribe to said meaning much power. but pick any babyname book and you'll find out what Amy means. :)

i'm with you regarding boring names. :) that's part of why i changed mine.

i know, no locking. :/

No locking is a feature. :)

As to the use of names, as I said on UseRealNames -- I'm not religious about it. I don't see a need to create a page called JustSomeGuy on this wiki, however.

Amayah, Dirrigh and Mothe sound very interesting to me. And as I'm interested in your mame - in pir's sense, this "this is my name" sense, and in your cultural background as well -, I'm interested in their ethymology. The first line in Melville's "Moby Dick" is "Call me Ismael".

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