She who was kindly directed here by Johannes Gijsbers, on the c2 wiki…

List of the ideas presented on TooFewWiki:

That's all a bit muddled and ill thought-out, but I hope the ideas are coming across fairly clearly!

DistributedWiki - this is something that I need to think more about too. The general idea is to allow tld.domain.WikiName links, so that lots of sites can contribute into one big distributed wiki. Perhaps there's not significant enough advantage over just adding the URI, but what I'd hope to achieve with it is a core of just a few of the most well designed sites being used. Survival of the fittest, wiki style!

Thanks for adding information about "new::" to HowTo, by the way!

- katwyn

I just noticed on editing ShallowPage that "Last edited" links to use names use a "?" instead of the more consistent "/". Can someone fix that? - katwyn

Fixed. Thanks for reporting that. As to the wiki&blog thing you raised on C2, I've been (ab)using my wiki as a blog and it works very well. [1] If you want fancy CSS, just follow the CSS Link at the top of every page and choose another theme. Note that Community Wiki also has blogging built-in: Just follow the Blog link at the top; create new entries by editing today's page…

I am curious: What are your goals and interests in wiki?

Welcome to CommunityWiki.

I would like to hear more about your ideas for a DistributedWiki. It seems to be better than the InterLink we're using now. (Have you seen DistributedEditing , WikiFeatures:FailSafeWiki ?)

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