Kept pages is a wiki feature that keeps old versions of a page around for awhile, and then forgets them. While the old versions are still “Kept”, any user can rollback the page to that version.

Kept pages is a technology solution to allow a wiki community to keep a partial version history, but also to ForgiveAndForget issues. It helps maintain the social convention of not digging up other people’s past and use it against them, now.

See Oddmuse:Kept_Pages for an explanation of how kept pages work on this wiki. See MeatBall:KeptPages for another explanation, and for some context leading to the conception of kept pages.

Combining Wiki and Version Control

On EmacsWiki, we also have pages consisting of Emacs Lisp source code. People wanted these to be checked into a version control system. I wrote cron jobs that checked wiki pages into version control systems every 24h [1]. The wiki itself still uses the original Kept Pages implementation, but suddenly much older pages will be available from the version control host. Unintended consequences…



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