A “knowledge distribution” is a collection of knowledge that is assembled from several people, and distributed as a coherent publication.

Some knowledge distributions that we are already familiar with include:

It would be interesting to collect:

Distribution, Trust

It would be great if these knowledge distributions were tweaked by the distributor, (or as a condition for inclusion,) for greater internal coherence, quality, and so on.

The idea is that people can produce what becomes TrustedLinkLanguage, because they own their own copy of the materials, for their own manipulation, localization. Perhaps there could also be tools to help in this process, of customizing the collection for needs.

Just linking to somebody’s wiki – people don’t necessary trust that, if they don’t know who owns that wiki, or if they’re having any problem with trolls lately, or they change their minds, or anything like that. But if you own what is very clearly your own copy– ah, that might be something you can work with.

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This is another idea I’ve been kicking around in my head for the last year or so. Always intending to write, never writing it.

It’s not a particularly big idea; I just find myself saying the phrase a lot, for various reasons, when talking with people, and so I think: “This probably means something. I should write this up on CW.”

Wouldn’t “normal”, paper-based textbooks, handbooks and encyclopedias also fit in this category ?

And when you think about it, “paper-only” material is often used for links. Look how many people link to Amazon when talking about ideas in a book. In an ideal world (ideal from the reader’s point of view, not the writers’), all books would be freely available online and we could link to specific chapters or paragraphs - and still order the paper version.

That’s starting to get off-topic, but the fact is that most knowledge still travels on paper (except maybe for IT and the news).

Dou! You’re right!

Major oversight.

See also MobileContent. For example, if other people reused our CategoryIntroductionToWiki in their own wikis, that would be an example of a self-standing KnowledgeDistribution package. I think.

Adding movies to what EmileKroeger said: I’m starting to see people link to IMDB when talking about the ideas in a movie and quotes from a movie. In an ideal world (from the readers / referrers point of view), we could link to specific scenes or lines in the movie – and still buy tickets to see it on the big screen.


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