La traduction de cette image reste à réadapter et provient du fichier source LaManièreWikiSource. Le titre de l'image sera LaVoieDuWiki bien plus élégant que LaManièreWiki?. Pour travailler, vous devrez adopter xfig et passer par le LongImageIncorporationProcess :-(

Heh. :) For the moment, just list the changes you would like to make and I will do it.

Hi Alex. Thanks for help. Very minor changes on this diagram :

  • La Manière Wiki ==> La Voie du Wiki
  • Accidentelle collaboration ==> Collaboration Accidentelle
  • Pardonner et oublier les vieilles rancunes
  • Continu et améliorations graduelles ==> Améliorations graduelles et continues

For any future vision of shortening image incorporation process LaurentLunati suggested me to test CraoWiki:TheCoccinella. Will test it soon :-)

Hi Alex. Just tested InkScape. Could be really a great tool after some first tests made on Sodipodi. A way to delete the page DiagramTranslations ? May I ask you just to export/upload LaVoieDuWikiSource? and the 18 xfig files in a SVG format ? To be sincere, I don't want to adopt xfig :-)

Christophe, if you've got Inkscape, I'd be excited to help you install InkscapeToOddmuse and OddmuseToInkscape..!

It's really cool. After it's set up, you just click "open," find the name of the image's page in a directory, and double click it.

You make your edits, then hit "save," and it saves them to the wiki.

If you want to rename it, (perhaps adding "Fr" to the name,) you just "save as" and change the name before saving.

Unfortunately I have not found a way to convert xfig files into SVG. I'll try to use Inkscape for new diagrams…

Héhé… thanks Alex and Lion. Really excited on the opportunity to have a first xfig to Inkscape ! Pehraps we could refactor this above diagram before/during our next ting-session[1] including the ShortImageIncorporationProcess? in the agenda ?

Define external redirect: LaManièreWiki LaVoieDuWikiSource ShortImageIncorporationProcess


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