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Currently thinking to build a french LinkLanguage for our future french OddWiki-landia in order to find a way to stimulate MultilingualExperiment that does not actually work in OurWikiProcess.

Think a nice index - dissociated or refactored from our TranslationGlossary primarily dedicated to help disambiguation - could…

  • give french future contributors an overall picture of what is discussed here.
  • make newcomers on OddWiki a nice way to use NearMap and NearLink with our neighbours
  • help our “small” SuperProject of MultilingualExperiment in wiki-landia
  • stimulate people to refactor/correct the first translation.
  • help to launch the OddWikiCentre? (french localization of the OddWikiCenter?) in giving him some content
  • help to make people join our AcadémieWiki

I’d like to imagine this project (which could merge with some our other french nodes) with the small french clique of the AcadémieWiki.

The first step in 2006/2007 would be to build an easy french/english index of cw pages.

On the same way I did the table based on MeatBall:PageTranslation with simple backlinks, my first question to start here is to find an easy way to sort in alphabetic order all the pages mentioning LangueFrançaise on cw.

Afterwards, we could merge the different index coming from the french bliki-world. If you’ve any idea to have a nice backlinks-list or if you’re simply interested to help, just drop a line here (or on my bliki-page dedicated to start the work : Xtof:CommunityIndexPagesLangueFrançaise)


1. D’autres expériences sont actuellement tentées pour quelques pages regroupées sur le faisceau de pages MultilingualExperiment

Define external redirect: EtiquetteWiki OddWikiCentre OddWikiCenter

EditNearLinks: LaLève EnsemencementJardin OddWiki


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