LibraryScience, now often called Library and Information Science (LIS) is a field of academic study. It contains the field of InformationRetrieval?. Since the way that you retrieve information is intertwined with the way that you organize/categorize/store information, Library Science concepts here are found in CategoryInformationRetrieval and also in the more general CategoryInformationManagement.

There is an LIS wiki.

Library science on this wiki

The following concepts are thought by us to be from the field of library science:

Actually I've never really studied Library Science so I'm kind of guessing when I say these are part of this field.

I've not studied the field, but paid careful attention when I worked on library systems. :-) AuthorityFile is very much a classical LibraryScience concept.

  • The "scitech library question" ( ) is a blog for librarians.
  • Another librarian blogger claims to have a wiki. (I'd link to the wiki if I knew its URL – or is it one of those non-public intranet things?)



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