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The idea that using a WikiWord somehow removes all ambiguity and all of the problems associated in the use of language ignores the reality of language.” – MurrayAltheim, LinkLanguage2004 (2004-05-05)

Precision does not banish the ParadoxOfExpression.

Precision can solve a paradox, perhaps even several paradoxes, but precision does not end all paradox, and there is paradox that cannot ever be resolved, no matter how much precision is applied. There is always a debatable angle.

Precision does not grant us immutable perfect forever PlatonicCategories. We may find something like them on the small scale, but that resolution can bubble up in irrelevance, like so much foam on the surface of the sea.

Don’t let the PostModern angle scare you, though – There are always things to understand, and precision and order, alternating ambiguity and chaos, is a tool of evolution – the EvolutionOfHumanity?, even. Don’t be like the people who doubt the spirit behind all thinking, and then the heart itself, and then – shrivel up and die. It’s a Darwinian cull. Let heart see and direct thoughts. Heart itself requires no explaining, though it’s amenable to conversation.

Recall the IdeasLikeStarsAndSymphonies; The process continues forever.


Is a complex message a message? It is; It’s an island of intended (or presumed) integrity and stability in a sea of chaos.


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