“This is a jam-session. We do not know where we are going. This is open. It has no mission.” – CommunityWiki

My life has two fundamental dimensions to it:

Mainly on CommunityWiki, my goal is the development of thought.

My emoji is a lion: 🦁

考古学 (Archaeology)


How to talk with me live:

My InternetOfficeHours are most every Sunday at noon, Seattle time (and at 8p UTC), I have an open conversation space on a Discord called “Lion’s Internet Office Hours.”

Here’s the Discord invite:

This was updated 2021-01-09. I’ve been keeping the Internet Office Hour weekly for more or less 6 months now.

I think I’ve run into about 6-10 people there, including BayleShanks. Regulars are Timepoof and Daniel Markham. We talk about software projects and software ideas, what we’re studying or thinking about, electronics, spaced repetition, and whatever else we think to talk about. By virtue of reading these sentences, you’re welcome to visit at any time.

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