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My goal on CommunityWiki is mainly to develop thought.

The realms I have talked about (and generally prepared to talk about again) include:


What interests me most is developing societies of life and dream: Societies that find meaning in the stories of the highest dreams and hopes of the human heart, and that live in a loving and connected way as they fulfill these purposes.

I look forward to a future with myriad people and societies that welcome difference, commit to perpetual inner change, think positively of themselves and all others, treat their various ecologies with research, spirituality, not wasting or polluting, societies of solidarity, and societies that will argue for these principles.

Additional points:

Reality, the future, and imagination.

Finally: For all the assertiveness of this agenda, I look forward to being shown wrong. My life has been like wave after wave of events, events that have altered my thinking and shown me new or different dimensions of the motions of the world. It is predictable that my thoughts will change with time. I look forward to the next change, and the agent may be you.

Update 2010-03-07

I’ve found a group of about 9-10 other people who are pretty quickly assembling; Our vehicle we call "Spaceship of Imagination," and it’s a good ship with a good crew.

My efforts presently go to:

This is a time of transformation; I am seeing through a lot of different spectral lenses. I am learning a lot of techniques, and my sense of OpenSpace is developing. These different experiments in group formation are opening up; Questions I was deliberately asking for so very long – “How do we assemble the right people? How do we get into action?” – I am starting to see the answers come.

I miss you all and think of you often. Everything we’ve ever discussed is very much alive in my head, and keeps on coming out in conversations and discussions. What I do today, is clearly a continuation of every conversation that we have had here.

Still, it is not enough. I intend to be here for a time, I hope to have some conversations, but I suspect that I’ll be off soon, since the work items are stacking up. I’d love to hear about who you are today, what you are doing, what you are thinking about, what you would like, and if there is anything that I can give you, share with you, tell you.

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"Digital Expert (tagging + ...) System

I obviously don’t know what to call this yet. :-(

That being said, I’ve been trying to figure out how to best reply to ….

“@Hans: I like your quotes around “intelligent.” I have various interesting filing & retrieval methods in software, (and I am always working on new ones,) but I don’t understand what you mean about “anticipating what you want to see next” – that’s very interesting to me as an idea, but I don’t know how to do it. Or rather, the way I do it, is to put related content that I tend to use at the same time together physically (or digitally) together. [Spatial proximity as reasoning tool.] If there is some other anticipatory system though – … I want to know it!

Got to move on to something else. Besides, this is far too complicate to be appended to someone’s HomePage. Since I’ve started documenting it in a different environment, it would be better to direct you there than to clutter this place.

Hans, I’ve revisited both JavaScript and TiddlyWiki. I think JavaScript’ll still be in use in 5-10 years, so I see no loss in moving my efforts from Python to JavaScript.

In no small part from the conversations we’ve had – I’m reviewing TiddlyWeb?, a server side storage component that works with TiddlyWiki, and can work with myriad other web systems as well. It looks incredibly useful to me.

I’ve recently bought membership in, and am familiarizing myself with it. I’ve successfully installed an OddMuse wiki on it (thanks, Alex, by the way, for the instructions on how to to that,) and am now looking into installing TiddlyWeb? and programming against it.

I’m just amazed at how JavaScript libraries have developed, and by all the capacities of the new browsers. But it makes perfect sense, looking back. This is where my software attention is going.

Hey Lion, we haven’t heard from each other for a while. Hope you’re fine. I’ve been pretty busy with your LocalNames for a while now, a brilliant invention btw. Sorry for taking my - long - time.


The apologies are mine! It is almost 2 months before I reply.

Things are going well here; See my update above. I hope everything is going well for you.

CCC is not so big up here, but I think you’d be happy to hear that Jigsaw Renaissance and Bucketworks and several other maker spaces here in the states (including NYC resistor) are meeting to create a foundation for supporting maker spaces nationally.

I would love to know what you are thinking about lately, how you feel, and where your efforts are going.

Hi Lion. Its nice to see you posting a bit here, once again.

Thanks for the update regarding your interest in TiddlyWiki. It’s definitely one of the major engines that drive all of my daily activities. And I believe JavaScript will be around a lot longer than just the next 5 years given how actively it is evolving as a result of its very active community of developers. In fact, I expect it to be around for at least the next 25 years that I am likely to be limited to, so its probably going to be my major development platform for the rest of my life. Besides, after 40+ years of learning many “new” computer languages, I like it better than anything other than APL.


I’ve installed TiddlyWeb? now, and have been playing with it; Researching right now how to get access to it outside of the firewall.

TiddlyWeb? converges in my mind with the whole NoSQL? movement. I’m looking forward to using the TiddlyWeb? as a site for all my software’s data, configuration details, as well as my personal notes, images, data, …

Good to hear that you’ve made some TiddlyWeb? progress! I probably need a bit of encouragement (or chiding) to get into this myself since I’ve been pre-occupied with Content, to the point of ignoring the enclosing technologies. My only excuse for neglecting the technologies is that they seem to be adequate for my immediate and short-term needs, as well as showing significant long-term potential (that others are actively pursuing, so I’ve had the luxury of focusing on results, as opposed to tools.)

You might want to experiment a bit with…

  • pulling “RAW” OddMuse text out of a wiki, directly into a tiddler, or, (alternatively)
  • using iframes to effectively wrap metadata and controls around OddMuse pages.

I’ve had quite a bit of success with both of these techniques in adding JS based intelligence to the contexts within which I review content.

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll try to cobble a meaningful example together.

11-01-08 update: I’m becoming very fond of the TiddlySpace? layer of namespaces that is being built on top of TiddlyWeb?. In conjunction with TiddlyWiki, I really feel I’m finding my way towards my ideal tool for “InformationDensity?”.

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