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This is where we store the convenient names for things that we use in abbreviated forms, similar to nicknames (nickname server may be a much better name since “local” implies geo-locality). A brief treatment is at IntComm:LocalNames:

A Local Name Server maps a bunch of short names like WikiNames to full URIs, so one can type DannysBlog instead of http://dannyayers.com/. This saves typing time and reading time, allowing one to build a PatternLanguage of good pages, and if any URIs change the short name can stay the same. Attached to a Wiki, it acts rather like redirecting a bunch of Wiki pages to external sites.

Whereas a personal server isolates /your personal online data & activities/ from wiki (and other online communities), the local name server isolates you and your groups’ links and language. The danger of this isolation is that you may overload a name very differently than someone else and make it impossible to integrate your own pages with theirs.

Short names however make it easy to refer to things, beyond just wiki pages. You can now talk about blogs, threaded conversations, pictures, static web pages, wiki pages, anything that can be linked to, and you can do it ubiquitously. You are not confined to talking about wiki about things in that wiki (or near wiki, or far wiki- provided you have the InterLink). You can talk about anything, anywhere, with the convenience of local names.

We’ve isolated not just data about users, but we’ve isolated names and name-link binding of things proximal to individual users that they refer to all the time. We have built a LinkLanguage.


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