Long comments are great, because you can communicate a lot of stuff, and express big ideas.

But they can also be a burden.

It can get weird: Consider short and long comments, side by side. The person receiving the comments may have time to respond to the short comments. But the people who left long comments would feel this is unfair: They put more work in, but are getting less response!

If you receive a LongComment, say something like "Very deep/interesting/complex comment, need more time to think about that!".

Otherwise the Problem is similar to SilentAgreement vs. "ignoring agreement": how can we interpret someones behaviour if he doesn't answer a request, but obviously works at other places? Typically we should not interpret this, because it is easy to misinterpret it.


The LongComment affects e-mail as well. It seems that short e-mail gets response sooner than long e-mail, which is harder to respond to.


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