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Welcome, Luke! – BayleShanks

Hi Luke! Very good to see you here!

Thanks MattisManzel, BayleShanks.

On a Facebook group, TheNextEdge? I saw that LionKimbro liked a post by an unknown [[CarolineSmalley?]], entitled:

‘Tool for creating and connecting distributed networks.’

The conversation linked to pages talking about new economic innovations, resource mapping and collaboration projects, and the conversation crossed platforms arranging a Skype call.

On the same group, Seb Paquet pointed out something along the lines of: EveryoneIsTryingToBuildTheSameThing I want to know more about the collective interest, it’s diversity, divergence, and WHAT the thing is, and how much progress there is as a whole, and any discretely separable disconnected parts of it. [[LifeMap?]] again credit is due to LionKimbro for showing me his


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