Two ideas today. Creating a graduation from off-topic to on-topic. The communities agree on how on or offtopic a page (acontent) is. Something that can easily change within a group (socialy) and be changed (technically).

I made the page clean linking under this title on several wikis. What I would like now is a tool that helps me to write on several of these pages at the same time without the efford to copy my contribution and I'd like to choose freely on wich of the wikis I want it to get saved. Lets say I have something important to "clean linking" to add. I write it in the multi wiki editor. Maybe I even look at the previews for every wiki. Let's say on php-wiki and open-wiki there would have been good reactions on my page, they just have classified it as "very on-topic". On moinmoin-wiki they classified the page "on-topic". I check these thre wiki for my contribution to be written on. Meatball classified it "off-topic", I therefor do not check meatball. Now I save my contribution on the three wiki.

Making a balance between forces:

  • The individual that chooses which groups of people (wiki) to tell something to.
  • Groups of people (wiki) who choose to what to listen to.

A synapsis is the contact point between two neurons. Synapsis' get created and disconnected in our brain whereever and whenever needed. Should be similar in the hive-mind, I guess. Just an idea.