I feel an important cause is to make us, mankind, collectively wiser. I think it's a cause that few would disagree about - that makes it a good ideal, worth promoting. It seems especially strong on this wiki, but hasen't been fully spelled out yet.

You could get mystic about it. Collective awareness, awakening the InterMind / the Wiki:GlobalBrain, making it more self-conscious, etc. But that's not really needed.

Where should we look for global awareness ?

… but also

What helps MakingUsWiser ?

(this list is imperfect and incomplete, feel free to add / rearrange / delete)

I feel the pattern language is what is especially missing here. This has to do with traditional democratic culture (public debate, the ethics of journalism, "I disagree entirely with your point of view but am ready to die to let you express it", etc.), academia (SocialConstructionOfScience, importance of peer review, the academia as transcending national and ideological boundaries, etc.) and the internet.

Private, Public and Collective

It seems to me that there are three steps for ideas, and each step is better for collective intelligence :

And by "ideas", I mean a lot of things. Knowledge, opinions, maybe even code ("public" would be "open source", collective would be, er, the Wiki:CollectiveCodeOwnership you get in Extreme Programming. Not sure this is that relevant.).

OnTheInternet, blogs (and forums, etc.) could be seen as a pump that pulls ideas into the public, and wiki as another pump that builds collective knowledge / opinions out of private ones. Whether online or offline, collective ideas is produced when a lot of people agree, and are aware that they agree.

Two issues :

See also


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The bit on "private, public, collective" needs reworking / review, and linking to other similar ideas … Also, any suggestions on the vocabulary ?


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