Hello, I live in Grantham UK (the birthplace of MargaretThatcher? and Isaac Newton).


I will continue to use CommunityWiki to find (or develop) simpler technology to help people in my town, who aren’t normally involved online.

I feel I’ve got loose ends to tie up, and good will to repay here.

Thank you Community Wiki!

These things I found in CommunityWiki, and it has been very rewarding:


  1. VisibleMarkup [1]
  2. AmDramWiki
  3. wiki-net
  4. ConsensusDecisionMaking
  5. GenderImbalanceHere
  6. CompetitionVsCooperation

Question: How important are software implementation details?

“So, we have discovered the primary axiom of online communities: Small software implementation details result in big differences in the way the community develops, behaves, and feels.” – Joel Spolsky



should we do something about the GenderImbalanceHere?

Sure, go ahead. I’m not sure what we could actually do beyond working on ourselves, so I’ll be interested in hearing about ideas regarding this phenomenon.

I strongly resonate with your goals (they have changed since Lion wrote this), and further, the wiki software you were envisioning earlier, which is like a meta-society in wiki. You may want to investigate the OddWiki, and collaborate with MattisManzel.

I am okay with talking about GenderImbalanceHere. Note the page RadicalInclusiveness, it may help you in reference or in challenge (feel free to challenge it if you want to.) I agree with Alex basically. I have far too much to say about gender in general, and I am vaguely fearful of the derailing that can ensue – I recognize that I am not totally in control of my thoughts and actions, after all.

Also, please look at the latest ideas I put on LionKimbroNamedIdeas, about hierarchy, anarchism, and social development via meta-society. If you’re interested, we can break it out into real pages.

If you have further comment on ChartOfTheReal, I invite it.

Hi Marcus. A nice late-summer breeze it is you carry into the [[community-wiki?]]. Welcome. I haven’t been really following here for a while, [[wiki-net?]]-madness, sry.

Hi Mattis, very interested in wiki-net. look forward to exploring it, but have lots of things to deal with offline

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