A quick Bio

Portrait I’m a College Student majoring in English and Economics at The University of Maryland at Collge Park. In English, I tend to specializing in Literary Critical Theory and Narrative Theory. I also know a bit about linguistics, specifically about semantics. In economics, I like Public Finance and Macroeconomics. I have a pretty strong background in computer science, too.

Of my interests, English is probably the strongest. I enjoy reading, particularly Modern Lit(Joyce, Eliot, Faulkner, etc) and Medival Lit (Chaucer, Marie de France, Boethius). I also write creatively (see below). My theory interests are focuesed mostly in Reader Reponse theory, particularly as espoused by Wolfgang Iser. I am currently working on a few projects, the biggest of which attempts to define a reader-response grounded theory of narrative chronology, and then use that to explain how Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! works. I realize that’s not very clear, and as soon as I get my web-space in order I’ll link the abstract.

My Wikis

I recently started/set up two MoinMoin powered Wikis for creative writers and students of literature. They are: and The Society of Lies and Stolen Ideas (SoLaSI). probably has the widest appeal. It’s a community for creative writers to work collaboratively on fiction and in other textual-media. For more information, you may want to either read our PressRelease or just StartHere.

SoLaSI is actually the project that started WriteHere, but it is more esoteric. SoLaSI focuses on defining goals for both projects, discussing the community, setting development initiatives, and developing Critical Theory resources for Wiki Writers. There is currenlty not Press Release for SoLaSI, but there is a description at the StartHere page.

Both projects are just starting out, but both have some content. Write``Here is actually starting to collect several stories or parts of stories. Feel free to post the press release as you see fit if you know anyone who might be interested. Also, since I’m relatively new at this, tips are always appreciated :). To join in on the discussion as to how these sites should run, either go to them and add or see CollaborativeCreativeWriting.

Where You'll Find Me

Most things I do are on WriteHere or SoLaSI. However, I’m moderately active on this wiki too, and you might find my contributions on:


I’ll try to get definitions of some of the theory shop talk once I get more content on SoLaSI. Also, feel free to fix my sad spelling.

Talk to Matt

It’s always nice to welcome somebody new first. So I rather write: “welcome” than reading about your stuff first. I can very well do that later, can’t I? - Writers? I like writers. Only a shaved writer, is good writer. But that’s valid for programmers as well, so what? I’m interested in what writing people did on the wiki. See you.

Thank you for the welcome – and does shaving the programming make the code run faster?

For those (e.g. Mattis) who contributed to my Wiki(s) then didn’t see a response, I’m sorry – I went to the beach for a few days and didn’t have internet there. I am back and appreciate the comments though. If anyone knows anything about/has opinions on the WikiNode thing I’d be interested to hear opinions. I am thinking about WikiNodes for my wikis and about how to structure them and what to put there. I think it would also answer the idea of a CollectiveWritingSpaces? page on WriteHere . Just some ideas. Thanks!

Alex, I moved the discussion to CollaborativeCreativeWriting and refactored it as best I could. I wasn’t sure which category it should go under – maybe CategoryCreativity? Feel free to make any changes you see fit.

CommencerIci (english adaptation of StartHere) could be a good idea for LangueFrançaise ;-) Will try to find out some people in AcadémieWiki to translate Wiki:WikiNature in NatureWiki?


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