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Runs the odd-wiki-hive, the diki-wiki-hive, the eArt-wiki-hive, the kabo-wiki-hive and the obm-wiki-hive since 2011-06.

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MattisManzel archive 1 (beginning-040201)
MattisManzel archive 2 (040421)
MattisManzel archive 3 (050813)
MattisManzel archive 4 (2007-02-08)
MattisManzel archive 5 (2010-08-30)

Many thanks to AlexSchroeder and SamRose for hosting numerous wikis I started for years and for their help and patience …

A short hello to all, thanks for the mail LionKimbro. I forwarded it to ChristopheDucamp, ThomasKalka and DanielMacKay.

What am I doing. Same old track: WikiNet. Today I added a google plus widget to the Greenland-wiki and the love-letter-wiki. Da fluorescent OneBigSoup … 😉

Thanks Mattis! I hope to see you around. 😊 I’ll be posting again within the next couple days. 😊

Bonjour à tous. Happy to meet you here. Not sure to be able to follow you in translations. Anyway, will be happy to read you 😉


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