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Naja: Maybe drops of emotional reactions here and now make spice to the soup and are tolerable or even "helpful" somehow? I'd hope so. – MattisManzel

hey, Mattis! i see the key to lots of translations is to keep it short, heh. i am too verbose!

wo ist der sigi denn zuhause? ich meine, wo hat der seine primary wiki homepage? oder WikiDe:Sigi. @Alex: Schreibst mir CaFoscari? in die Intermap? Warum geht das rssfeed unten nimmer? Wegen des updates auf moinmoin 1.2.1 vielleicht?


Andrinus and other OpenPeople? have a wiki

copied from IRC after you went to sleep: *[15:51] <lion> mattis: A namespace is a space for names. :) *[15:51] <lion> mattis: If you have a page on Meatball, *[15:51] <lion> and a page with the same name on CommunityWiki, *[15:51] <lion> then that page name is living in two different "name spaces." *[15:52] <lion> One name space being Meatball's namespace, and the other name space being CommunityWiki's namespace. *[15:52] <lion> Languages are also namespaces. *[15:52] <lion> Sometimes, you have a word that sounds the same in two languages, but the meanings are very different. *[15:56] <simon→ parallel dimensions separate namespaces

Wer Wind macht, dem muss man in's Gesicht blasen. sigi

@lion + simon - I'm not sure what you are telling me. "Let's unite them": That's what I'd say. ;-). Are diffent namespaces an advantage? They're a function of the systems performance - that how I feel it -, technological (hardware and the programming) as well as sociological.

This is my personal Wiki Tree

*mattis **sunir **christophe ***anthere ****yann ***arnaud ***bayle ***florence ***heather ***karl ****charles ***laurent ***luc ***pierre ***seb ***serge ***sylvie **helmut **piranha ***sigi ****karlos *****martin **marti ***lion **luigi

Thanks sigi for making my personal tree.

EdgeOfTheForest relates.

Fleischbällchen! grinst. du bist dufte, erinnere dich daran morgen frueh, ja? :)

Hallo Mattis. Da ich Deutsch als gesprochene Sprache gelernt habe, ist mein Schriftdeutsch oft Fehlerhaft. Korregiere es einfach! Merken tu ich mir das eh nicht, und es gibt diff. ae, oe, ue liegt an dem Rechner, Keine Ahnung wie man Win2K und UK Tastatur dazu ueberredet. – Aonghus

[de] Hast du äöü nicht oder magst du sie nicht benutzen? - mattis [de] Ich kriegs nicht raus wie ich auf dem System umlauete hinkriege! (W2000, UK Tastatur). – aonghus

Systemsteuerung, Regions und Sprachoptionen, Sprachen, Details, add, Deutschland, ok. äöü – MattisManzel

[de] Dann weiss ich immer noch nicht welche Tasten zu drucken. Ausserdem ist das hier ein gemeinsames Rechner, und ich mag nicht mit rumspielen. – Aonghus

äöü sind oben rechts. Einmal installiert wechselst du mit leftAlt + shift einfach zwischen den Tastaturen. In der taskleiste zeigt es dir de oder en an. Kann ich aber verstehen, wenn du nix aendern willst. – MattisManzel

äöü sind nicht oben rechts für mich, aber ich hab se noch gefunden. oy. z und y sind verwechselt, und ne ganze menge andere dinge sind ganz wo anders. ich muss da mal irgendwo ein bild der deutschen tastatur finden sodass ich kleine aufkleber für die tasten machen kann. aber mann, das ist klasse. richtige umlaute!

Umlaute, wie auch das skandinavische "a mit kringel, das "y" und das (als ein Buchstabe) zuammengeschriebene dänische ae sind "Zwischenvokale" bzw. Erweiterungen des "Lautraums" - sie stellen einen Reichtum dar und sollten daher gehegt werden. Deutsch, die Tastaturbelegung dazu, ist anders, ja, aber lustig wirds erst richtig, wenn wir Japanisch dabei haben

That's amazing, if it's really true, and a story that gives me hope.

I don't think we're a butterfly quite yet. But if we can become a butterfly, I believe that we are well on our way.

Note how SharedAwarenessSystems? played a role in that story.

When people can share awareness, they can fill in "missing parts."

Suddenly, people feel a new sense of urgency, and someone or some group will work hard to fill out the missing part.

But without the SharedAwarenessSystem, they wouldn't know what was missing, what needed doing.

I'll write it up in HiveMind.

I like the "start pulsing in a common frequency" part too - that's grooving.

I have been contacted, russian, polish and dutch folks are planning GlobalFlashMob #2 for 19th of june (as a 1st anniversaty of FlashMob). FlashMobWiki? is to partly do the organisation of it on If t h i s works out, the 20th of june the world will know what wiki is and what it's capable to. see 040527 – MattisManzel

[de]:Ich habe den Eindruck das sigi im Moment hier nicht vorbeischaut. Falls dem so ist, koenntest du ihm bitte meine Entschuldigung weiterleiten? Danke. (Noch im Stress) – Aonghus

Wiki, Flashmob and wireless seem to have breakfast together.

Interesting notion of passport. Is it a inter-wiki passport to be able to travel from wikis to wikis ? Or do you think it could help in case someone forgot his passport before taking a fly? The custom officer would then say : "no worry, Mr Manzel, just let me load your personal wiki page, the security software will check the passport image and i'll give you your boarding ticket" :-)

Had this in mind for a while yet. The application in case you forgot your passport on a flight will not work at the moment, might be good for some surprised faces though - and these count.
I made it "World-citizen rl-identification". I've been registered as German. What is a passport good for? To personally identify you, to poof that you use one constant and unchanged identity. Aristoteles was it who said, that a thing can only be in one place at one time. This has been essential for all kind of science. I'm not religious about use real names either, as there are (few) good reasons not to do it. But I think it is essential whereever ther are no good reasons and with my passport here I want to point out that I mean it.
I can surely always do whatever I like whereever I like: I can go and buy a flight ticket saying my name is "Olivier Seres" for example. I can do that. But when I come to the customs I will have difficulties and it's good that I have them. I want to know that the other people travelling with me in that plane have shown willingly to "identitfy" themselves and the other people I travel with want to know the same from me. Nicks work fine in a tribal context, they might even have a certain efficiency there when short nicks are used for long names. But in a global context they are inefficient. Wiki will be global not tribal, like it still is now. I want it to become global and as I see more advantages in giving an example what I think might help to achieve this goal than I see diadvantages in it I put my passport here.

Mattis, I've looked for pages dealing with the structure of a wiki-page, and didn't found anything. So I just wrote [CraoWiki:StructureDePageWiki? crao-wiki: structure de page wiki] could you tell me what you think about it and if this could interest cw? If yes, i could then translate it in english.

Oh yes. It is on time to think about and make up one gemeral wiki-syntax. Translate in there please. A syntax includes structure of pages? Structure of pages doesn't include linksyntax? Better name?

well "syntax" is a part of grammar. i was not speaking about sentences or words but wiki page structure (ie : titles, paragraphs) in order to have different stylesheets (one for Home Pages, one for Concept pages etc…). So i think it could be apart from wiki-syntax. By the way, do u have a jabber @ ?

On making a fair, global, virtual currency, I have no idea. But don't give up hope! Sometimes these sort of issues are discussed over at Terra Nova

RecentChanges for

(showing up here by means of rss feed inclusion) returned no data, or LWP::UserAgent is not available.

Seems to be either a bug in Moin or a bug in XML::RSS which I am using. Sorry, nothing I can fix right now.


[de]Vielen Dank dass Du mein Wikipedia Benutzerseite verbessern hast. ArnoLagrange


Hello, I answered you here : I think ArnoLagrange is someone you should discuss this with, but in particular Sj as well. AntHere :-)


I am the one to blame. Scusate fio'i.

Blame? Who's blaming what? Thank you for your multilingual spirit! I like the filters. The colors are lovely and encouraging to translators. The filter should cut out the "de" | "en" | etc., at least as a preference. Someone has to port this nice work to MediaWiki before the wikipedians will really look at it. :( And, finally, the filters, all the way at the bottom, are hard to see / modify; maybe at the top instead? +sj+

Mattis - U have someting in your mail! And the photo upload say this "Files of type image/pjpeg are not allowed." and the same with .gif! - sEi

Mattis just a test of a OddmuseFr:Insertion_Par_Transclusion… but I think it's really confusing :)

cool! But including php-wiki.demo: poll person-contribution shows the incompatibility of the different codes. Is there any place I can build polls on that can be included here and it works?

Currently there is no way to include HTML – just plain text or wiki raw text (to which the local rules are applied). Doing some sort of HTML include is on my list, but I don't know how to do this well enough. A lot of information would have to be stripped.

Great. My dsl back here won't come before the week following oct 18th! A daily antivirus-update takes a quarter of an hour, costs already a fortune, I simply love dial-up connections! They give me rage, Wut, Wotan, Wednesday. Yes, great. CU, its too expensive to talk to you all. MattisManzel 2004-09-21 21:36 UTC

Ciào community-wiki community,
My second day "at home" - it's getting chilly here in Berlin already, just fired up my stove for the first time 04/05 - was a good day. I found the neighbor I'm receiving a wireless signal from and spent the day updating and fixing his windows system. Hope to get his second and my computer hooked up with his wireless dsl router tomorrow. :::)))

How to write on multilingual pages?

multilingual community-wikizens

making synapsis'


How to archive pages

Kann wiki Krieg verhindern?


An interesting person seems NSK NikolaosKarastathis? who gave me an effective welcome on his wiki mentioning interesting ideas of how to handle licences -

[de] Hallo Mattis. Bezüglich habe ich erstellt.

Es gibt keine Mehrzahl von wiki. Wiki ist von seiner Bestimmung - die wiederum auf Grund seiner dynamisch ist - her Einzahl. Wikis Bestimmung ist halt jene. die wir als gemeinsamer Geistes-stock (so wie Bienenstock) permanent bewusst und in ständiger rastloser Entwicklung befindlich mit uns rumtragen. :)


just imagine: like a link I can put an rss-feed on whatever wikipage. up come the changes of that external page on the wikipage. I've had that here for cafosari-wiki, doesn't work anymore. Imagine I could put the changes of meatball: wikispam on and the othe way around. Just to make a beginning. A button "Show recent changes with external recent changes" in the recent changes might make sense.



Mattis, thanks for the WikiNode and link to MoonEdit over on WriteHere. Sorry I've been MIA for so long. Your contributions are always really quite appreciated.