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[en]“We will have to figure something else out, or nobody wins.”
[de]“Wir werden was anders machen müssen, oder wir alle verlieren.”
[it]“Dovremo inventarci qualcos’altro, se no nessuno vince.”
[nl]“We zullen iets moeten bedenken, of we verliezen allemaal.”
[fr]“Nous comprendrons quelque chose, ou personne ne gagne
[xx] - Lion Kimbro in #onebigsoup on IRC

There is no guitar-player, no drummer, no bass-player. There is only the band. It is átomos.

[en]Knows / or maybe simply “people”:
[de]Kennt / oder vieleicht einfach “Leute”:
[it]Conosce / oppure forse semplicemente “persone”:
[fr]Connaît / ou peut-être simplement des “gens”:

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[de]wikischreiber, Internet-Aktivist, ‘60 in Berlin geboren.
[en]German writer, internet-activist, born in ‘60 in Berlin.
[nl]Duits schrijver, internet-aktivist, geboren in ‘60 in Berlijn.
[fr]Écrivain allemand, activiste-internet, né en 60 à Berlin.
[it]Scrittore tedesco, attivista internet, nato nel ‘60 a Berlino

[de]Mich interessiert alles.
[en]I am interested in everything.
[nl]Ik ben geinteresseerd in alles.
[fr]Tous les sujets m’intéressent.
[it]M’interessa tutto.

Mail: mattismanzel AT yahoo DOT de
IRC #wiki, #onebigsoup, #ting
skype: username: mattismanzel,
static homepage (free eBook download), alternative download foaf, foaf-Explorer

[de]Weil ich zum bloggen zu blöde bin, verwende ich statt dessen jetzt wiki.
[en]As I’m too stupid for blogging I use the wiki instead now.
[fr]Parce je suis trop idiot pour bloguer j’utilise désormais le wiki à la place
[it]Visto che sono troppo scemo per fare un blog … l’ho rimpiazzato con un wiki

[de]Idee für einen besseren Gebrauch menschlicher Intelligenz (Deutsch, Englisch)
[en]Idea for a better use of human intelligence (German, English)
[nl]Idee voor een beter gebruik van de menselijke intelligentie (Duits, Engels)
[fr]Idée pour une meilleure application de l'intelligence humaine (Allemand, Anglais)
[it] Idea per un'uso migliore dell'intelligenza umana (tedesco, inglese)

[de]Aktivitäten auf etlichen Wikis, z.B.
[en]Activities on many wikis, i.e.
[fr]Activités sur de nombreux wikis, par exemple
[it]Attività su tanti wiki, per esempio

[de]Ich spreche und lese Deutsch und Englisch, sehr mäßig Französisch, Italienisch und Norwegisch.
[en]I speak and read German and English, poorly French, Italian and Norwegian.
[fr]Je parle et j’écris allemand et anglais, un petit peu Francais, Italien et Norvégien.
[it]Parlo tedesco e inglese, poco francese, italiano e norvegese.

[de]Mich interessiert multipelsprachliche Kommunikation. Experimente auf
[en]I am interested in multilingual communication. Experiments on
[fr]Je m’intéresse aux communications multilingues. Expériences sur
[it]M’interessa la comunicazione multilingue. Esperimenti su

[de]Ich helfe ein wenig bei Global Flash Mob
[en]I help on global flash mob a bit
[fr]J’aide un peu aux flash mobs globales
[it]Do una mano a Global Flash Mob

[de]Für Berlin gibts das
[en]For Berlin there’s the
[fr]Pour Berlin il y’a le
[it]Per Berlino c’`e il

[de]Neuerding siehts so aus, als sei ich dabei, Knotenwikis zu machen.
[en]Lately I seem to be into making node-wikis.
[fr]Récemment, je semble plonger dans la création de wiki-noeuds.

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teach me


All of my contributions on community-wiki are hereby placed in the public domain unless otherwise indicated.

involvement in super-projects

see also super-project.

Super-ProjectWhat Is It?Who Does It?Notes
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You left me a note at ChicagoHumanist:TedErnst about making a node. What is this? Thanks!

Until I get home and sort out my computers, the WikiNodes wiki is down. :(

A WikiNode is a page on a wiki that connects with the WikiNode pages on topically or socially related neighboring wiki. Each WikiNode is controlled by the WikiCommunity that owns it, but you can make a link between wiki, and hope they don’t remove it. Usually, if you’re polite, and the related wiki like each other, and there is some reason for a bond existing between the two, it works.

It is critical that WikiNode pages link to other WikiNode pages, rather than front pages, or any other page. Reason being that you need to be able to explore the whole network- the focus is less on the individual wiki itself.

Further, it’s important to not have too many links on a WikiNode, and it’s important NOT to link a Wiki to every other wiki in the world, ,or anything like that. (For that, there’s SwitchWiki.)

As yes, I was not precise. He did say wikinode. Cool. So, Mattis, the anwer is yes, once Lion’s ready!

Mattis, did you know that you turned up straight in Jimmy Wales keynote at OOPSLA/WikiSym?

Oops-lá! No.

Search - not find anything

You ‘foolin’ me? Gotta link?

Helmut: No, I’m dead serious. This is a series of shots I took at the beginning of Jimmy Wales keynote:

For about a minute your homepage at the WikiSym wiki showed while Dirk and Jimmy finished their preparations and when Jimmy opened his keynote by telling that the preparations for this conference had been done using a wiki appropriately.

K, thanks Helmut for the news and encourging pics.

Heh! That’s so cool. :)

Mattis- You’ve probably already seen this, but in the event that you haven’t..!

  • the Pacific North-West wiki – it’s a wiki about the entire Pacific North-West! So, it’s a place to hub for all the other city-wiki out here..!

Thought you might like this talk announcement email that I got

Stanford Seminar on People, Computers, and Design (CS547)
Gates B03 (NEC Classroom) and SITN, 12:30-2:00pm PDT (UTC 19:30)
Video: CS547
Friday, February 3, 2006

Bo Begole, PARC

TITLE: Rhythm Awareness in Collaborative Applications

Timing is everything. In humor, in music, in dance, and also in 
everyday group activities, the best results require tight 
coordination with others. We develop a sense of timing by observing 
patterns over time, which is a particular challenge for members of 
distributed groups who have limited awareness of each other's comings 
and goings.

This talk describes technologies aimed to help geographically 
distributed groups develop a sense of timing and also to introduce a 
sense of timing to computer applications. I will show examples of 
recurring temporal patterns in visualizations of people's online 
presence in a location-aware instant messaging system. I will 
describe the construction of a statistical model that extracts and 
describes significant recurring periods of non-presence using 
expectation maximization and clustering. The computational model was 
compared against users' perceptions of their own patterns with mixed 
results. The visualizations and computational model were used to 
augment a communication application to predict when others will be reachable.

I will also describe Lilsys, a sensor-based system for inferring when 
remote office colleagues are "unavailable", which is an attempt to 
counter the potential downside of increased accuracy of predictions 
of reachability. I will describe user reactions from a small-scale deployment.

Joint work with John Tang, Rosco Hill and Nick Matsakis, conducted at 
Sun Microsystems Laboratories.

Bo Begole is the manager of the Ubiquitous Computing area at the Palo 
Alto Research Center where his current research spans media device 
interoperability, sensor network middleware, activity detection and 
other technologies. His research motivation is to create technologies 
that enable people to do things they couldn't do before. He received 
a Ph.D. in computer science from Virginia Tech in 1998. Prior to his 
studies, Bo served in the US Army as an Arabic language interpreter.

NEXT WEEK: To be announced
The mailing list for these seminar announcements is, which is managed by an automated server. For
information on subscribing or unsubscribing, see
For information about HCI at Stanford see

me still alive. We rock!

hi mattis. (originally posted on Alex’s page) I might need an IP address blocked until further notice. is that doable? he’s signing edits as me. I gave him a warning. he just did again 20 minutes ago and I cannot currently get him on his phone. the edits themselves are nothing too outrageous, but he’s not experienced w/ wiki. I apologize. My inviting him here facilitated this incident. I will also make sure I have an easy way to chat with him when he’s online. thank you.

Wiki rockstar.

Say, Mattis- SecondLife doesn’t require Credit Card info to make a new account, now.

Residents aren't too happy about it, since it’s arguably the end of their “alternative lifestyle,” but- there it is! I thought I should tell you about it.

Cool. It’s complety different to me without the credit card number. Not much more than a wiki-login, well done the second lifers, hihi. It’s always like that. “If it’s not free it doesn’t exist”. I’m “Mattis Voltaire” and I’m taking promenades on the countryside at the moment.

BarCampBank WikiTing

Mattis, think we need you as a HoneyBee/WikiBiker tonite on barcampbank flash-meeting ? Would you join us ?

Hi Mattis, to get the manually sketched TwinWikiBall baby running, I need some help: Only two problems need to be solved: How can we configurate the five wikis (forming the TwinWikiBall) that

I guess, keeping it up manually with newcomers is not feasible.


  • done
  • should be possible and useful but I don’t know how to do it. Something with the NearMap I guess.

Mattis: Thank you very much for your help.

Unfortunately the merged RecentChanges don’t work as expected: (erase my copy after reading/using it)

On the new

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FridemarPache – Main:SamRose

 2006-12-13. ... etc.

FridemarPache 2006-12-15 22:47 UTC

Hi Mattis, just expanded the sidebar on all TwinWikis of our TwinWikiBall baby and miracle, miracle ….. Jesus helped me. By the way, dear Mattis, as beeing a pantheist myself, I have no problem to see Jesus everywhere. Nevertheless, due to my possibly not fully realized enlightenment, some entities make it easier for me to see Him :-) in action. I bet, that you would be the first choice of a figure, representing Jesus in the “Oberammergauer Mysterienspiele”. l&p – FridemarPache 2006-12-16 00:11 UTC

np. Was ten years ago, I just had my second book out and the first one already has had a photo of me as a GodKing in it. So …
The cross is drawn with shoeshine on Gloomy’s 20” ride-cymbal btw.

As a person, having such ease, involvement, courage and good humor, it appears to me impossible to see in you a GodKing, it appears to me, that you prefer to embody more the realization of a brother type, a Jesus image, that the Pharisees didn’t like at all. Could you please leave some links of your books here. – FridemarPache 2006-12-16 21:05 UTC

Right on top; static homepage (free eBook download), alternative download, gotta clean this page, true.

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