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This page describes a new wiki-syntax consequently thinking wikilandia (the sum of all wikis) as one single organismn. It’s entirely based on clean linking and applicable on all wiki-engines.

To be translated and worked in - [CraoWiki:StructureDePageWiki? crao-wiki: structure de page wiki]

There are many thoughts and pages on wiki-syntax - like meatball-wiki: wiki-syntax.

Page structure

Pages have a header ending with a thin horizontal line. The header tells:

(Here on community-wiki there’s also the camelcase-title of multilingual experiment in the first line - this turns the page part of the multilingual experiment Cluster| cluster].

Whenever possible use small-case for editable titles and links. The color points out clearly that it is a link. Write like on a book. Write beautiful.

Wiki names, page titles

Possibly use small-case in clean links. The color points out that it’s a link, that’s by far enough. Small-case is more beutiful. Use “-” a lot, it makes connections between terms clear. In general add “-wiki” to the name of a wiki to make clear its a wiki.

community-wiki, meatball-wiki, s23-wiki, chongqed-wiki, … but:
GrĂ¼nder-Wiki (big-case for nouns in German), Ca’Foscari-wiki (special terms like here the name of the the university-building)

What you would write in small-case in normal text flow write samll-case in wikinames - like community, meatball, normal words.

What you would write in big-case in normal text flow write big-case in wikinames.

Always write grammatically correct. The first word of a link on the beginning of a sentence is written in big-case, sure. Just like in a book or newspaper. Always write reader-friendly to the max.


MattisManzel: I’m unsure of crao/Crao. Is it a regular word? Does it mean anything in French?

AlexSchroeder: In English, names are capitalized, thus Community Wiki, Meatball Wiki, etc. Furthermore, using the ordinary page name makes it clear that we are using the term in the context of that page, the discussion on that page, etc. LinkLanguage, PatternLanguage. I think it is not the same, and by using different text for the links you are making a step backwards: You are reduced to a HyperText, when you could have a HyperText with LinkLanguage instead.

MattisManzel: I get skin. I cover up the bare bones sticking out of the wiki-creatures and enable it to be one organismn. This is not only programmable in code anymore - this is a learning process of all wikizens. There’s a lot of possible simplification to it by clever programming, yes. See editable titles for a proposal of a “possible version”-database. Existing links might come up automatical wihout you having to do anything at all when saving a page, wiki-writing could become much much easier. For now: if all write precisely it works.

Archival Discussion


This page was originally written on 2004-09-03. On 2020-12-25, I (LionKimbro) moved it here, to make space on the page “WikiSyntax” for more general conversation about wiki syntax.


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