This is a suggested PageCluster to contain pages which are just duplicates of material found on Meatball. It's here to prevent "freed text" pages HijackingRecentChanges.

If the page starts accumulating meaningful text, remove the tag (so the page will be on RecentChanges). If a page is copied to Meatball, add the tag back in (to let people know there's duplication, or that Meatball has potentially had the discussion progressed).

That isn't to create the false GuidePost that the text is meant to remain static here. The text can't really be free if it is chained by its parent. Edit away! And don't get into a tizzy about maintain synchronicity between the two sites if it's stopping you from expressing yourself.

:Good idea, will do – BayleShanks

Just a note- I'd reaaally like to see an InterWiki page, translated to CommunityWiki culture, over here. – LionKimbro

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