A MemberWiki is a wiki with a defined list of members1

See MeatBall:MemberWiki for more context.

I feel that the primary advantage of a MemberWiki is that a reliable DecisionMakingProcedure?? can be defined (it could be consensus, or it could be voting, or something else). I think most of the other advantages stem from this one. The wiki "is theirs" in the sense that they can make decisions about it. Because of this sense of ownership, members are more willing to take on duties. Because they have a reliable DecisionMakingProcedure??, they know that a few dissenter can't fight their will. -- BayleShanks

Note: "primus inter pares" is the first amongst equals -- a term used in roman times for the rotating government responsibility in the times of the republic. -- AlexSchroeder



1. We want to talk about wikis that define some users as members and gives them power or special consideration. So, let’s say that the membership list must be well-defined, non-empty, and must not include everyone who accesses the wiki.

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