This page tracks wiki MetaData efforts.

The data is of a particular form:

This page tracks from the following perspective:



MachineCodeBlocks is mainly worked on by FlorianFesti? right now, though several others have contributed ideas, work, and time.


WikiFormats refers to a class of WikiMetaData formats. That is, formats that restrict themselves to features common to wiki. Such as: italic, blog, linking, bullet lists, and text (ignoring whitespace.)

There are no known uses of this idea.


You can use raw wiki pages to publish RDF (ResourceDescriptionFramework.)

You can write RDF into the editable raw version of a wiki page, and pointing all links to the raw version of the page.

Another note: Several wiki are working to eliminate use of WikiSyntax. (In it's place, they want to use some sort of AJAX editing scheme.) If a wiki does something like that, it may not support raw RDF.

See also: RdfInWikis


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