Metaship is a concept SmolNet browser TimurIsmagilov wants to see implemented one day.


It comes from one of my unpublished fictions. In the future, TheWebIsBroken, but not only broken, it is forgotten. It was replaced by a sea of different protocols. It is not smol in any way, of course. The sea ‘browsers’ are called metaships because they sail the information sea.

I stumbled into SmolNet several months after writing the thing I’m talking above. I instantly noticed some similarities: there are multiple protocols, they co-exist, many browsers support several protocols. That’s when I thought that if I create a SmolNet browser, it’s called MetaShip.

Supported protocols

As many as possible. Gemini and Gopher first. Titan too. HTTP(S) too. FTP, local filesystem too. BitTorrent? [[Finger?]]?

Supported markups

As many as possible. GemText, MycoMarkup, limited HTML (first of all, no div), plain text.


I really liked SmallFederatedWiki’s design: there are multiple pages opened simultaneously, all pages are shown aside. That’s what I want!

When you click a link, it’s appended to the right of the window. You can scroll horizontally to see your browsing history visually. There are address bars above pages. You can change and mutate history. I’m not sure about tree history.

Pages are narrow. That’s natural, shorter lines are easy to read. SmolNet pages generally have no styling, therefore it is generated automatically for every site. This capsule may be green, this may be yellow. Each site shall be recognisable. Unlike Ward’s SFW design, where wikis are discriminated by small square flags that barely mean anything.

All functions shall be accessible both from keyboard, mouse, voice.

Of course, it’s a [[GUI?]] application. Some [[ZUI?]] features would be nice to have too: panning through history, zooming out/in history to see more/less.


I don’t really care about how it’s implemented. Python? GoLang? CeePlusPlus? Rust? Whatever. Even WebApplication might be ok.

Supporting a lot of platforms might be nice.


new: 2021-01-10 04:29 UTCLionKimbro:

Yikes! I could’a sworn I responded to this. Maybe in a browser tab that I didn’t submit?


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