Micro formats is the name given to the idea of reusing XHTML as much as possible for new metadata. Instead of inventing new XML stuff, just use XHTML and add the info you need using class or id attributes. NoFollow is such an example.

Seems like FOAF can be replaced by XHTML augmented with some attributes, too: Xhtml Friends Network (XFN).

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I noticed that I haven’t been updating my FOAF stuff at all. FOAF files are just too complicated. And FOAF editors just not comfy enough – it must be as easy as writing email, and totally integrated with the rest of the tools I use every day. That is, a new feature for wikis must work just like the rest of the wiki world works today. If it requires new software to install, we’re already loosing our audience. Conversely, if the NoFollow attribute is implemented using a special formatting rule such as [!http://example.com example], then adoption will come easy.

[en]So, I suppose we’re making WikiFormats..?

Btw, the StructuredBlogging initiative reminded me of MachineCodeBlocks.

Currently investigating about MicroFormats and searching which wiki-engines hold microformats ? barcamp wiki is currently integrating the hcalendar format. Kwiki holds hcard. Think microformats could be a nice feature for any wiki dedicated to WikiConference?,… I’d be interested to have your opinions on the opportunity to integrate hcard format for personal-pages here and on our blikis ?

I have been playing around with MicroFormats on blog software, and in other SocialSoftware environments, and maybe I am totally wrong, but just coming off the cuff:

it seems to me that for Wiki like OddMuse to keep it’s current ease of use, that the underlying structure of the WikiEngine would have to be modified to allow for inclusion of microformats.


For XFN linking in OddMuse, if I want to create a wiki link to ChristopheDucamp that includes XFN data, I might have a convention such as:

 ChristopheDucamp..rel="friend met"

The two dots might follow the CamelCase link and be a signifier that I am inserting microformat data. The Wiki engine would then create an HTML link that looks like:

 <a href = "http://www.communitywiki.org/en/ChristopheDucamp" rel="friend met">ChristopheDucamp</a>

That is just what pops into my mind when I think about how this might work with wiki. I am an extremely novice programmer, and do not pretend to have any great expertise in this area. But, this has been swirling around in my head for a while and I thought I’d throw it out here.

A xfn module exists already, but the syntax is a bit different: Oddmuse:xfn Module. I have not installed it, of course.

Hi all. I’d be happy to come back here to act as a PageMaintainer and hear EvanProdromou’s opinion during a future french wiki-GeekDinner? we could plan in 2007? For the moment, let’s mention if you’re in Europe and/or plan to visit France and/or join XTech 2007 in Paris, feel free to register to our microformats-dinner with Brian, Jeremy and their friends in Paris. May be we could talk of the people-centric philosophy behind microformats.

[en]See also MachineCodeBlocks

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