This is a jam-session. We do not know where we are going. This is open. It has no mission. The topic is rather broad, so let us grow in whatever direction we want, and split later. There is space on this stage for at least a few dozen people, and it looks like there’s plenty of room right now. If you enjoy the music and like who you see, come join on in!

This is a wiki about communities both online and offline: Management, creativity, teaching, learning, conflicts, mediation, security, freedom. We also have lots of tech talk about wikis and other tools used by online communities, but that’s just the current bias.

The beauty of cw is its self-confident conceptual openness.” – HelmutLeitner

We suppport the Franklin Street Statement and make all our writing available under a free license. Our service uses Free Software exclusively: GNU/Linux, Apache, Oddmuse. We also provide our writing in archive form to give you the freedom to run service elsewhere.

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En français voir l’EnoncĂ©Mission.

Notes from AlexandreDulaunoy : The Community Wiki is already somehow compliant to the free web services as described by Autonomo.us and their Franklin Street Statement. Could we create a page somewhere to summarize that the Community Wiki is running on Free Software and already providing the content of the wiki under a free license? or maybe I missed the page ;-)

Hm, I didn’t even know about Autonomous and the Franklin Street Statement… But I see now that this is what EvanProdromou referred to regarding IdentiCa?. This makes sense. So I guess the answer is “Yes we could.” And “can you make a suggestion?” :)

A quick-and-dirty proposal :

Community Wiki’s jam-session is a collaborative work session. We think that freedom of people contributing is really important to keep the jam-session’s equity. The Community Wiki is committed to the Franklin Street Statement by running exclusively with Free Software and providing all “content”/data under a free license. The free software used is Oddmuse and Community Wiki data is available to give you the freedom the run service somewhere else.

Small note : I don’t like the term data or “content”… I wanted to replace it with “contribution”. But it doesn’t reflect the reality. any idea?


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