"Moderate inclusiveness" is an attempt to provide a reasoned approach to RadicalInclusiveness. Instead of welcoming everyone, regardless of any other factors, a moderately inclusive community welcomes all comers who...

The first rule filters out vandalism, soap-boxers, spammers and other random ne'er-do-wells. The second filters out those who refuse to discuss, debate, make or accept norms or rules, etc.

Everyone else should probably have a place at the table, so to speak. They'll at least be amenable to discussion when conflict occurs, and will try (hopefully) to resolve the conflict in a way that benefits the community by reaching its goal.

See also: IntegrationAndIdentity


Having a RightToFork makes ModerateInclusiveness more workable. If a contributor has a good idea for how to make the project work, but the CommunityDoesNotAgree, they can take that idea and run with it. If it's better, they can really make it work.

Without a RightToFork, you raise the stakes of the conflict. So, conflicts are going to be more extended, more vituperative, more difficult. RightToFork is a pressure release. If not forking is more important than reducing conflict, sure, don't allow forks.

A better solution would be for the community to accept a wider range of opinions, and EnlargeSpace so that conflicting ideas and interpretations have room to grow within the same tent. For instance, there is rarely any technical justification for forking a wiki page because you disagree with its tone or conclusions as you have the opportunity to add your opinion directly to the wiki.

The critical question is whether the desire for a fork is due to social conflict rather than a conflict of a more philosophical or technical nature. -- SunirShah

The page is presently "goal focused," but there are many groups that are not goal focused, but rather, values focused. They focus more on shared values and ways of life, rather than any particular goal. Yet, there is still a boundary of what is ok, and what is not okay, and they still practice ModerateInclusiveness.

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