[de]Mehrsprachige Bewohner von community-wiki
[en]Multilingual community-wikizens
[fr]Citoyens polyglottes de community-wiki

[de]Arbeitssprache: en
[en]working-language: en
[fr]Langue de travail: en

As inspired by meta-wiki: multilingual wikipedians

Please add yourself, comment it, self-evaluate your language skills (1 = almost no skills, 10 = good native speaker)

[da] Danish

Mattis Manzel, bad Norwegian, pretending to be Danish, 1

[de] German

MattisManzel, native, 10
EmileKroeger, 9 (!) years in school, 4
SebPaquet, one intro course, 1
DavidCary, a couple of classes, 2

[en] English

MattisManzel, second language, 8
EmileKroeger, native, 9
SebPaquet, 8 years in school, 9
DavidCary, native, 10

[eo] Esperanto

EmileKroeger, learnt on and off (it’s an easy language), 4

[fr] French

MattisManzel, 5 years in school, 4
EmileKroeger, mother tongue, 10.
SebPaquet, mother tongue, 10.

[it] Italian

MattisManzel, partly lives in Italy, but doesn’t learn it, 5

[no] Norvegian

MattisManzel, studied for a year in Norway 20 years ago, 3

[sv] Swedish

MattisManzel, bad Norvegian, pretending to be Swedish, 1


Thanks a lot for adding yourself, Emile, I do not beat you by three points (sorry about a certain pedantery). Nobody beats nobody ever on wiki, we colaborte and all contribute their best. Someone speaking one language only can be a wise person, whereas someone speaking five languages might be a blockhead. Danish, Norvegian and Swedish are very similar. You have one, you have the others half. My intention is to get a view on the laguage pool of possible contributors to the multilingual experiment, that’s it.

I was joking :-P That’s why I put it in the summary so it wouldn’t stick. Oh, and I think this page is a great idea :) I hope more people join in :)

I knew you were, I just wanted to remind on the page, as in fact it would be nice to have more participants here. The title of this page should have been “Citoyens multilinges de community-wiki”, right?

Oops, right :) - although “Multilinge” means multy-laundry, “multilingue” is more correct but I think “polyglotte” is more apropriate, non ? (wouldn’t the same go for english ? Multilingual experiment, but polyglot citizens ?)