I’m trying to figure out how to best setup Oddwiki for multilingual use. I hope that the feedback I get can be rewritten into helpful information for a general audience.



Configuration Language

One of the big issues: The wiki users get a site in their own language, but what about the founders – should they be able to configure the wiki in their own language? Should options have French names instead of English ones, for example?

As a German speaking developer, I don’t mind English options at all. Therefore I don’t mind page names such as GotoBar, SideBar, InterMap, NearMap, or BannedContent, as long as ordinary users don’t have to know about these page names.

I do not have any strong opinions about this but I have been discussing the issues around setting up a Chinese wiki with one of my associates who is very interested in doing this because he is in China, workig as the “Principal Of English Teashers” in a rather large, ‘private’ school. Two points that may provide you with some perspective include …

  • Attracting users in the native languaue is much more important than attracting founders. After all, founders will ‘self-select’ in the fullness of time, if their interest levels develop to that extent.
  • Schools that are dedicated to teaching English as a Second Language may be particularly fertile ground. After all, a large body of students (George’s school has about 5,000 students) will inevitably include a set that are interested in technology, as well as English. These students may well be quite capabile of translating the installation documentation needed by new founders, and would probbaly be pre-disposed to do so.

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