Yesterday on moon-edit (server a Spanish fellow started a translation of the program-menues, I joined in (German). A day later there are also translations to Catalan, Dutch, Italian, Icelandic, French, Basque and Esperanto. This inspired me to an idea and I made the page multilingual_experiment on moon-edit which I partly copy in here for rewording and discussion. It might take some days, there is few time right now.

Inspired by the great fun of commonly translating the menues of moon-edit I'd like to think a little further.

One could:

I mean, just as a very first beginning, know? ;)

The result could be copied to a page like the ones in the multilingual experiment cluster on community-wiki.

- see: (and make sure to check the language-filters at the very end of the page, please)

You can read it in your language or in several languages just depending on how you set your language-filters. It would be a real global wikipedia. Starting with a test of one article is worth the efford I guess.


tic-tac-toe for those who don't feel like, sure.

IF you really want that. That's the good about software, its good that you can, humm.. model it to whatever you like. I like your idea, and I think it can be usefull to save bandwitdh.

thanks, there will be license-blues however I fear, but …

humm..? :D

Saving bandwith: now the problem still is that oddmuse (the wiki-engine of community-wiki) transfers all language versions, even when you activate only one.

Oh!. But… oh.. Anyway. Its a tradeoff, you waste bandwidth, but save server CPU. I guess. Of course, for network the better solution is to limit info to whatever the client really needs to show.

There will be solutions, right.

I'd simply try to start on one article. Know a good and easy not to long wikipedia article that exists in many languages?

Telejano.. naaa.. just kidding. No, I dont know that. I have writen on the spanish wikipedia, not the usaenglish one : whats very fun to write on the wikipedia :D

I haven't really contributed to wikipedia. Something keeps me away from the T.Rex. But merging wikipedias here would be fun.

k, copied this over from the ME-Translations_help_please page.

hi crypto.

I should make a page on it on community-wiki, but I haven't got the guts yet.

Non che non finsci la traducion'!

Brutto il mio Italiano, propprio brutto!

No, parli benissimo :-). Macché. Niente male per un tedesco. Ich habe sieben Jahre Deutsch gelernt. Aber ich habe alles vergessen :-(. :-D

vergossen e` to spill, vergiessen, latte per esempio.

Ok, thanks. :-) Ooops, encoding problems…

Qualque lettere non funzionano. I spagnoli avevano difficolt´a anche loro.

Tu sei uno degli sviluppatori?

:)No, non so programmare. Niente. wiki-steam-maker, community-wiki. moonedit rocks atlantis!


When were you going to try that collaborative wiki thing?

wikipedia-translation. Just had the idea 20 min ago. Made this page and meanwhile I'm stiiiill thinking. ;)

How many people do we need to try it?

For the translation of the menues it was extremely fast. Started yesterday after a spanish guy did some first translation of the menues. Moon-edit is a wiki-afterburner ======> Better finish the menue translation.