Mutual inspiration happens when two or more people get together and enthusiasm builds up. This is the most elevating creative experience, as you not only “stand on the shoulders of giants”, but you can see your ideas grow and improve as you toss it back and forth amongst each other.

Factors that help you reach this state of mind as a group:

Factors that prevent this:

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    <kensanata> what i enjoy most is when an idea is tossed back
        and forth -- mutual inspiration.  it happens with new
        ideas; it doesn't happen with self-analysis.

great page, thanks!

I often find MutualInspiration, and even MutualEnthusiasm?, even while “Correcting language and logical fallacies, ie. inhibition”, or being so corrected. I don’t think everyone is this way, though.

Also, perhaps this is something that written media changes? Face-to-face, it’s easy to tell when someone is really excited about some idea but disagreeing with your understanding of it. Perhaps in written language, it’s harder to tell the scope of a disagreement; disagreement about details may seem like disinterest with the basic idea.

I’ve also found that conversations with a “winner” (such as formal debates) can spur MutualInspiration and MutualEnthusiasm?. Provided, perhaps, that all parties are aware of and happy with the competitive nature of the forum. It can be discouraging to have a conversation where you think there is no winner, and then to find that the other person is trying to make you look stupid (all parties were not aware of the competitiveness). Likewise, there are plenty of professional situations in which you wish you could “speak freely”, but you are afraid of looking dumb (all parties were not happy with the competitiveness).

“In his book Democratizing Innovation, MIT professor Eric von Hippel says that “the joy and the learning associated with membership in creative communities” drives people to generously share their time.” – Brendan I. Koerner 2006-01-04.

I wonder if anything else in this book is relevant to wiki ?

The gods of cooperation/socialism and competition/capitalism have been trying to strangle each other for ages.

But I think we should try to manifest the story where they are friends, rather than enemies, in our personal lives, and our lives as members of groups. I think we should even try to manifest that story on the level of whole societies, even though we don’t know how to, right now.

Competitions with clear winners can be enormous fun. But I think it’s really important, from within my heart, to make sure that nobody is consistently the loser, or that anyone is consistently the winner.

There are many methods of outreach, that make this possible. You can have the winner, and infuse the obligation to assist losers in becoming winners, in whatever particular domain they find themselves in.

I think that the world is complex enough, that everyone can be a winner in a special domain.

Comic books like X-men, for example, make this idea dramatic.



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