This page has been created to ask contributors here to share their experience on making their first page, on a wiki, here or elsewhere… Whether or not it really was your first page is not important. Any kind of experience, remarkable or mundane experience, would be helpful. It could help other WikiNewbies? understand the process, by using narrative and first person- rather than bullet pointed editing text-formatting documents.

Some ideas:


AlexSchroeder: When I started reading the WikiWikiWeb, it somewhere mentioned WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and at the time I was interested in benefits and drawbacks of markup languages which are not WYSIWYG, and at the time I felt that wiki raw text was not a markup language. Anyway, I created the page Wiki:MarkupLanguage and Wiki:WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet, and wrote something about it. Last time I checked they were still around.

ChrisPurcell: My first Wiki page was on CocoaDev, about a small open-source module I’d released. Got vandalised within a few hours when I e-mailed Apple’s cocoa-dev mailing list about it, but the Wiki community of the time were immediately supportive and complimentary… and thus was I drawn in.

ChristopheDucamp: I discovered wiki via Stephanie. My first page was dedicated to self-organize a small souper for the FrogLog in Paris. Thanks to StephanieBooth (a very famous WikiMistress?) in Switzerland, this page was just a listing and a way for bloggers to describe themselves and discover wiki. This page has now disappeared from SpiroLattic?.

LionKimbro: I don’t remember! It was either C2, or the Emacs Wiki, I think.

MattisManzel: In the first weeks of August 03 I did my first wikipage. I really don’t remember where that was. I did so many of them in the upfollowing months. It was the beginning of a long story for me and the return back to engaged work on a decent piece of fine art after many years of not knowing where and what way to go.

piranha: i had only done edits in a couple of wikis before coming upon MeatballWiki where the content excited me a lot, and i had instantly several ideas for pages that might be informative. but i foundered on their UseRealNames policy, and so the first page i made was a not-a-real-homepage HomePage. it was somewhat scary to do, and turned out not to work well for the purpose i had intended, but i made connections with several interesting people, and established my personality well enough, and those results was worth the initial frustration. starting out with personal info is scarier than starting out with abstract data. generally my biggest difficulty is to come up with a good name for a new page. i also wonder a lot about possible duplication. i am still in the phase where i read much, much more than i write.

SergeStinckwich : I think one of my first time was on C2 in 1995. Have a look at what I said at this time :

EvanProdromou: I think I may have played with some WikiSuburb? FAQ pages somewhere or other, but most were abandoned messes, and I think I dismissed wiki out of hand for a long time. I’m pretty sure the first page I started myself and seriously edited was Wikipedia:Abraham Lincoln Brigade. The experience was pretty exhilarating.

MarkDilley: Within 48 hours of discovering WikiWikiWeb, I tried the experiment: (please do not create the link, just view it) Wiki:WhatIsTheLongestLinkNameViaCamelCaseThatCouldBeaLinkNoReallyIwantToKnowBecauseThisIsReallyFascinatingEtcEtcIamMakingThisUpNowBecauseIdontRemberExactlyWhatItWasButYouGetThePointItWasaShockLevelForMe

SamRose: I had participate WikiWikiWeb, but had never actually created a page there. My first page on a wiki was actually this Wikipedia page Clare W Graves. Is has since been edited by several people. I don’t participating in Wikipedia so much any more, due to the climate some people create in the community. Though, I still use it as a refernce quite regularly.

KeithHopper: My first page was here at CommunityWiki - CollectiveProblemSolving. I tried to take several pages worth of discussion content and convert it into a DocumentMode page. I learned a bit about how to go about this. I also wished that our discussion had been more structured or at least guided. But I have a funny feeling therein lies the dichotomy. If there is some elusive page out there that explains how to best do this, I want to add to it. And certainly learn from it.

(Later, back at the hall of justice) Ok, the ThreadMode page has some great links and does a nice job of subtly pointing out that I’m not the first person to go through this challenge. ReworkingProblems provides more depth.


So, MyFirstPage makes me think of the hoax. But I guess that makes me a pretty old coot.


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